The most valuable thing to improve your English speaking…

For English learners that aren’t living in an English speaking country, Speaking is not easy to improve.
Because of that I bet that like me you think that Speaking is maybe the most difficult skill to learn.
To improve, we need to speak in a regular basis and it’s hard to find situations where you can practice your English speaking.

Then it’s when we really need something…


the most valuable thing to improve your English speaking level

Someone You Need To Improve Your Speaking

If you can’t go to live in an English speaking country for some time,then what you need is…wait for it…


A regular partner is someone with whom you are going to improve your speaking level.
In my personal experience it’s not easy to find the right partner because:

-You don’t know where to find it.
-When you find someone you don’t have anything in common.
– When you finally find someone nice, the partner doesn’t show any more after some meetings or maybe it’s you that give up.

Then how can you find a suitable partner?  What do you have to check?


The Four Characteristics Of A Good Partner

  1. Level
  2. Things in common
  3. Goals
  4. Availability

1) Level

We all want a native speaker to help us to improve our speaking. Sometimes when your speaking level is very basic is not easy to maintain a conversation and then it’s impossible to keep our native partner interested.
Then it’s not a bad idea to work with a non native speaker like us.
Whenever possible someone with a better level than you is going to be a good motivation and a good teacher too.
Someone as motivated as you to improve his/her speaking is also a very good choice.

2) Things in common

It’s not only just about speaking, it’s about enjoying the process of learning. If you share things in common with your partner (Topics, Hobbies…) it’s going to be easier. You are going to share common interest and then the partnership is going to last for long.
Sharing common interest = Long-lasting partner = Improve your speaking faster

3) Goals

Have in mind your goals:
-Reach a good speaking level soon?
-Enjoying a friendship and by the way improve a little your speaking?

You have to know your goals and the ones of your partner.
You maybe need a partner as motivated as yourself to meet almost every day. Or maybe you just need a friend to meet every now and then without any hurry?
It’s important to share with your partner the same objectives.

4) Availability

Be aware of your availability and the one of your partner. You need a long term friendship to improve your speaking and if you can’t meet on a regular basis then you are not following the right path.

If you have a virtual friend  (through the Internet) You have to be also aware of the different time zones because sometimes it’s not easy to meet with someone that wakes up when you just go to sleep

And by the way, be always honest about your real interests, for example…
Hi, I’m George, I would like to share with you a genuine friendship and by the way I’m also looking to improve my English speaking level


My Personal Experience, From Failure To Success

After some partnership failures, I thought about the whole thing and look for a partner that suits me best.After that, my English speaking partnerships are now more successful.
I’m currently working my speaking skills for half an hour almost five days a week with someone that is also learning English. Take a look at the four characteristic of my partnership…

Level My partner has a better level than me although he’s not a native English speaker.
Things in common We start our friendship sharing our interest in Urban legends.
Goals We both do want to improve our English speaking level.
Availability Although we live in different countries with different time zones  we try to met for 30 minutes almost every day.


And Remember…

the most valuable thing to improve your English speaking level_
-Do you have an English learning partner?
-A native speaker or a not native speaker?
-What is your current strategy to improve your speaking?
…All your comments are very welcome!!!

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