The best material to improve your listening skill faster

It’s very important to improve your listening skill. In a conversation, even before being able to speak you have to be able to understand what someone says to you.
Then you have to work your listening but I guess that…

  • You are looking for a pleasant way to work your listening.
  • You want to keep doing it until you reach a good level of understanding.

Then how can you do it?


The Best Material To Improve Your Listening…

the best material to improve your english listening skill faster
In my own experience, after working with a lot of different materials, I think that the best ones are TV SHOWS and even more specifically:


Why specifically these and not others?
I strongly recommend you to watch this very specific kind of TV shows because:

  1. In this kind of shows there is always a lot of talking that’s just what we are looking for.
  2. It’s always the same characters and one episode after another you know them better. Then it’s easier for you to follow the plot and to understand the dialogues.
  3. It’s easier to understand and concentrate on the dialogues because usually there is no outdoor noises.
  4. Most of the time you can watch the characters in close shots and see how they move their mouths while talking what is quite useful.
  5. It’s easier to get caught on the plot. Then you are going to create the habit to watch the show as often as possible.


Three Basic Steps That I Recommend You To Follow…

1.Choose a TV Show that you really like.

2.Be patient because the first episodes are the hardest ones to follow. After every new episode you watch it’s going to be easier for you to follow the plot and to understand the characters talking. If after some episodes you still don’t like the show, give it up and go for another one that suits you best.

3.Create the habit to watch a show as often as possible. (One episode per day would be perfect). If you keep doing this for a long time your listening skill is going to improve a lot without even noticing it.

Some of the Sitcoms that I like:


And Remember…

The best material to improve your english listening skill faster_
-What do you thing about all this?
-What materials do you use in order to improve your listening skill?
-Do you usually watch TV shows? Which ones?
…All your comments are very welcome!!!

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