The 5 best ways to learn and improve your…

As you know there is a lot of different methods to learn English.
In my opinion the next 5 ways are the best ones if you really want to improve your English.
They are maybe not available for you right now for personal reasons (your family responsibilities, your current job, money…) but still keep them always in mind.

You never know…


The 5 best ways to learn and improve your English

1. Go To Live In An English Speaking Country

It’s known all over the world. If you want to learn English then the best way is to go to live in an English speaking country. It’s a total immersion. You are going to be in contact with the English language and culture 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
You are going to work your ListeningReadingSpeaking and Writing skills all over the day without even noticing it!


2. Find An English Native Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

The person with whom you interact the most is always your boyfriend or girlfriend.
If you have and English native one then you are going to be in contact with the English language every day and in a very natural way.
It’s also a first-hand contact with the English culture.


3. Look For A Job Where You Have To Use Your English

Here I’m talking about a job where you use the English language most of the time. Not a job where you have to write an email in English once a week.
You are going to speak, listen, read or write in English nearly 8 hours per day.
I can’t assure you that your English is going to improve really fast!


4. Find A Group Of English Native Friends In Your City

If you can’t go to live in an English speaking country why don’t meet English native people in your own city?
Sometimes people from abroad come to work in your city. They maybe need help, a new friend or just someone to guide them through the city.
You can improve your English by hanging out with them on a regular basis.
You can give them back a nice friendship, your help and show them your country’s culture too.


5. Look For An English Native Virtual Friend

When none of the previous ways are available to you, you can still find a English native virtual partner on the Internet.
It’s going to be a “virtual” immersion but stil,l if you meet on a regular basis, be pretty sure that your English level is going to improve a lot.
The most difficult part here is to keep the friendship for a long time and to meet on a very regular basis.


…And Remember

The 5 best ways to learn and improve your English_
-Did you use one of these strategies in the past?
-Are you going to try one of them in the future?
-Do you know any other good strategy?
…All your comments are very welcome!!!

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