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I guess that if you are here it’s because you really want to improve your English.
Through this blog I’m going to help you to learn and improve your English in a faster, easier and more motivating way.

Let’s see in detail the 6 categories you are going to find so far in this blog…


Listening , Reading, Speaking and Writing are the 4 basic skills of any language.

All 4 skills are important and they are intertwined. When you work on one skill you are indirectly improving the three other ones.
It’s important that you insist on the skills where you have a weakest level.You have to avoid only working on the skills you feel more confortable at.


The Motivation category is going to help:

  1. People who don’t like English and need motivation. You can switch from “I don’t like English” to “I’m enjoying while improving my English“.
  2. People who already like English but still can improve their motivation to boost even more their English improvement.

Motivation is basic for everything you do. Without motivation things are more difficult. With a good motivation you make the most of your time and effort and as a result; you improve faster.



The Planning category is going to help you in one thing that I bet you often forgot:

Don’t learn English without any direction, one day doing this and next day doing that.
If you plan beforehand what you are going to do, then your English is going to improve faster and easier.

It’s like building a house starting from the roof. After a lot of hard work without any thinking, the house collapses.
If you start to build the house with good and strong pillars, you are going to build a stronger house in less time and with less hard work.




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