How to speak perfect English

At first sight, English seems to be an easy language.
But when you try to speak in English it’s when you change your mind about English as an “easy language”.

Because of that, I recommend you to stop right now and ask yourself the next questions…

  • Would you like to know why English sounds English?
  • Which are the basic “ingredients” that make English to sound like it sounds?
  • What do you have to do in order to speak perfect English?

How to speak perfect English


The Ingredients That Make English To Sound English

After reading and listening to many English materials, I gathered up the basics rules that native English speakers use in a natural and unconscious way when they speak.

I share with you a brief summary of these “ingredients” that are going to help you to improve and at the end speak perfect English.

If you want to “sound” English when you speak you have to know how to…

  1. Pronounce the different sounds that produce the 5 vowels and 21 consonants.
  2. Stress the right syllable in words.
  3. Stress the right words in sentences.
  4. Use the different intonation patterns correctly.
  5. Cut long sentences into smaller “thought groups” when you speak.
  6. Use connected speech.
  7. Use reduced speech.
  8. Use the SCHWA sound.
  9. Use contractions.
  10. Never drop word endings and pronounce them correctly

By knowing these basic rules you are not going to speak perfect English overnight. But you are going to work your English speaking skill in the best direction.
Try to have this list of “ingredients” at sight and check it often.

NOTE: This post is only a brief summary about the ingredients that are going to help you to speak perfect English. In the future I’m going to write more posts about all these topics.


What Can You Do To Speak Perfect English?

Keep in mind that all the previous “ingredients” are intertwined. They don’t work independently but together.

But don’t feel overwhelmed. You have to work them one by one and step by step.
You are going to integrate all the ingredients naturally as you keep working them.
Be patient because to speak perfect English is not an easy task.

From now on…

  • Find more information and examples about every one of these ingredients.
  • Whenever you listen to English try to feel these ingredients.
  • Whenever you speak English try to focus on one ingredient at a time.


Compare English With The Other Languages You Speak

Now that you know the ingredients that makes English to sound like it sounds…

  1. Don’t try to apply the patterns and rules that you use in your native tongue when you speak in English. Every language has its own different patterns and rules.

  3. Try to separate English from the others tongues you speak.
    You have to switch your mind whenever you switch languages.
    – When you speak in Spanish your mind has to be in Spanish mode.
    – When you speak Chinese your mind has to be in Chinese mode.
    and then…
    – When you speak in English your mind has to be in English mode.

  5. Try to compare other languages you speak with English.
    Why do they sound different?
    Every language sounds how it sounds because of its own “ingredients”.


And Remember…

How to speak perfect English_

– Did I miss any ingredient?
– How do you work your speaking skill?
…all your comments are very welcome!!!

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