How to speak English like a native

As I’m sharing with you in my series of posts “The 9 basic pillars to speak English well”, if you want to really improve your English speaking level, you have to work on your pronunciation, your intonation…among many others things.

But even when you master all that, if you want to reach the next speaking level, you still need something more…

It’s time for you to start using words and expressions that are going to make your English to sound better!

Let’s see how you can speak English like a native…

How to speak English like a native

To Speak Or Not To Speak English Like A Native

I bet that when you listen to native English speakers you’re able to catch words and expressions that make their English to sound more genuine, more real, more natural, more authentic…
These words and expressions are maybe not common in your native language or even don’t exist at all.

To show you what I’m talking about, let’s first build a basic sentence and then see how you can “dress” it in order to go from very basic English to a little more sophisticated English.

1. Basic English
“You canceled the weeding and I also think it was the best option. Don’t feel bad because it wasn’t your fault!”

2. A little more sophisticated English
“I totally agree with you about calling off the weeding. Actually you have to keep your chin up because you are not the one to blame!”

As you can see, While both sentences are grammatically correct and can be easily understood, there is a big difference between them:

  1. The first sentence sounds too basic or even a little clumsy.
  2. The second one sounds a lot more like a native English speaker’s sentence.

If you make the effort to add common words and expressions to your English, you are going to make a giant step toward speaking English like a native.


How You Can Speak English Like A Native

From now on, whenever you listen to an English speaker, you have to…

  1. Try to catch common words and expressions that you are not currently using.
  2. Write them down and keep them in a list.
  3. On a regular basis build your own sentences using them.
  4. Little by little try to use them whenever you are speaking to someone in English.

At first you’re going to feel your speaking unnatural, too fancy or even ridicule because you are not used to these words and expressions that are uncommon to you. But you have to keep using them until one day you won’t need to think about them anymore because they are going to be part of your speaking.


Someone Who Speak English Like A Native

I have been looking for a real example to show you how an English learner uses these words and expressions in a naturally.
I came across a very nice video on YouTube by a Girl called Theresa.

Before going any further, let me congratulate Theresa for her awesome video that radiates deep passion for learning new languages! She also shares very useful tips about how you can improve your English.

Coming back to our topic, through Theresa’s video on YouTube you can see how an English learner (like her) uses common English words and expressions in her speaking.
I guess that in the past she consciously made the effort to use these words and expressions. Because of that, nowadays she uses them without even thinking and as a result her English sounds so natural, so awesome!!!

Let’s make a brief list of some of the words and expressions that make Theresa’s English sound so good!

  • A bit tricky, A little tricky
  • Totally
  • A bunch of
  • No way to
  • Kind of
  • Whatever
  • Actually
  • For, you know
  • Luckily
  • To be honest
  • Eventually
  • To double check
  • Once a day
  • First of all
  • Definitely
  • The older…the hardest
  • You DO need, you DO have
  • After all
  • Chances are
  • Obviously
  • Here is the good news
  • Personally
  • Suits you the best

She also uses phrasal verbs that are very common in English…

  • To go ahead
  • To look up
  • To write down
  • To get into
  • To figure out
  • To look up
  • To put out
  • To pick up
  • To came across

Now, try to picture Theresa making the same speech without using the words and expressions I listed above… It wouldn’t be so nice to listen to her, would it?
Those words and expressions make Theresa’s English to stand out.

I hope that now you totally agree with me that you do need to add this kind of words and expressions to your English too!!!

Let’s finish this post by congratulating both…

  1. Theresa…For her awesome video and English speaking level!
  2. You…Because from now on, you are going to use new words and expressions in order to speak English like a native!


And Remember…

How to speak English like a native_

– Are you going to use this strategy?
– Do you know any other tips to improve your speaking?
…All your comments are very welcome!!!

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  • Gema

    Fantastic!Really handy.

    1. George

      Hi Gema!
      I like to know that my post is helping you.
      If you need any help I’m here for you.
      Thank you for your comment!

  • boukary

    i think that will be what i wanted. thanks.

    1. George

      Hi Boukary!
      Thanks for your comment!
      If you have any doubt I’m here to help you.
      It’s good to know that my blog is helping you!!!

  • Tushar Patil

    I have doubt. When I speak with my brother in english its easy for me. But when I go out side (with friends or in college) that time I don’t know what happens.? Its difficult to speak outside.
    plzzzzz guide..
    thank you for your guidance and tips…

    1. George

      Hi Tushar,

      When you are an English learner and you talk with other English learners (like your brother) it’s easy to understand because you share very basic vocabulary, you talk with basic sentences and you also share an accent.

      But when you talk to natives, then they have a lot of vocabulary, they speak with more elaborate sentences and they have another accent.Then it’s normal to feel frustated. Because it’s not easy to understand them.

      I remember once, I travelled to the US and went to a shop to buy an ice cream. I wasn’t able to understand the clerk when she was giving me advice about flavours and toppings.
      I thought “How is it posible that I know some English but are not able to understand a daily basic conversation?”
      These was a similar situation that the one you are sharing with us. I think that nowadays I would understand a little more that kind of conversation.

      Keep working and don’t give up!!!

      Listen to as much materials as possible:
      -Your friends

      Take care!

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