Something that can help you to learn English faster

It’s basic to learn English through things that you really like and enjoy. Don’t waste your precious time with boring materials that don’t interest you.

When you are working through something that you like:

  • You enjoy while working.
  • Time seems to go by faster.
  • You improve a lot more because of your positive mindset towards what you do.
  • You want to keep working your English whenever possible.

I’m pretty sure that you agree with me. Being that said…


What Do You Have To Do To Learn English Faster

Something that can help you to learn English faster
From now on whenever you find SOMETHING that you really enjoy, you have to use it as much as possible to work your English with.

It’s like a little baby that plays and plays with his favorite toy until it breaks into pieces.

Your favorite toy is going to be a thing that you like very much and that you use it in order to improve your English.

Let’s see how to do that…


What Thing Can You Use To Learn English Faster

There are very particular and personal things that can help you a lot.

Your “Thing” to work your English through can be something that you…

  • Like
  • Enjoy
  • Are interest in
  • Are really curious about

Your “Thing” can be as an example a…

  • Book
  • Film
  • TV show
  • Topic you like
  • Hobby
  • Interest you have
  • Idea in your mind   (start a business, learn to play guitar)


How To Work With Your “Thing”

When you have your “Thing”, it’s time to work around it as much as possible.

Focus all your work around this thing that you like so much and work and improve your English around it.

You are going to work your Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing  skills around your thing.


As A Personal Example Of This Strategy

As an example, I really enjoyed reading the book The Da Vinci Code By Dan Brown.
A lot of people like it, a lot of people dislike it. Long story short: It’s a very entertaining book full of suspense.

As I liked a lot the book, I decided to go further around this material.

1. I then looked around and found a documentary in DVD about what was right and wrong inside “The Da Vinci code”. I watched the DVD many times, first with subtitles then without them.

2. Then I also looked for articles in the Internet about some topics inside the book. that I found very interesting.

3. After that I decided to listen to the The Da Vinci Code Audiobook. It was like reading the book twice, but this second time with my ears.
As it was the second time reading the book, it was pretty easy for me to follow what I was listening to.

4. I also looked for forums and groups in the Internet about the book and talk with other people that also liked or disliked the book.

5. I even end up with a new friend with whom we talk long hours about the book and then about a lot of different topics outside the book.

As a brief summary of all my work around the book I read:


Skill that I worked



DVD Documentary

Listening  /Reading



Articles in the Internet


Videos in Youtube

Listening /Reading

Forums and groups in the Internet

Reading / Writing

Virtual friend in the Internet

Reading / Writing /Listening / Speaking

As you can see you can do a lot of work around something that you really like.


Use This Same Strategy With Anything That You Like

For example if you are looking to start a new business then focus all the work to do in English:

  • Read books about the business.
  • Look for advice in the Internet.
  • Look for articles on blogs.
  • Watch videos in Youtube.
  • Talk to forums, groups and people in the sector.
  • And so on…but do all of these using the English language.


And Remember…

Something that can help you to learn English faster_
-What is your “thing”?
-What are you planning to improve your English through your “thing”?
-All you comments are very welcome!!!

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