What skill to prioritize when you don’t have enough…

You often don’t have all the free time you would like in order to improve your English.
Because of this lack of time you then have to prioritize.

If you usually read my posts, you are going to be aware that I always recommend you to work the four basic skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking & Writing.

Then the question that arouses is…
What skill to prioritize when you are very busy and almost don’t have time to learn English?



What Skill Do You Have To Prioritize?

If you don’t have a lot of time, the skill you have to prioritize is…
Wait for it…your Listening skill!
I bet that you already knew that.

But… Why to prioritize your Listening skill and not another one?
Concentrating in your Listening skill is going to give you a very good English basis.
It’s like Reading; that shows you how English is, but even better because you also learn how it sounds.


Think About Children…

Children “concentrate” in their Listening skill during their first years of life. After that they start to “work” their Speaking skill. And finally they are going to learn how to read and write.
As you can see Listening is the pillar of the language learning process of a child. And it can be your pillar too.

Don’t feel worried because for a period of time you are only working your Listening skill. If you are improving your Listening your three others skills are also going to improve because they are all four intertwined.

But remember that someday or another you have to come back to work all four basic skills. This is only a strategy to use scarcely.


An Important Characteristic Of Listening

You can work your Listening skill while doing other things. This is an important characteristic to keep in mind and always use it in busy periods of your life.
You maybe don’t have time to seat and read a book but in the other hand you can listen, for example, to your favorite podcast while doing your daily chores.


My Personal Experience

Every now and then, when I have a very busy week or month, I just forget about my Reading, Speaking & Writing skills and I only concentrate on my Listening skill. This is a good solution for busy periods in my daily life but I try to use this strategy scarcely.

One mistake that I made:
It was easier for me to work my Listening skill than my Speaking skill because it was difficult for me to find someone to talk to. Then I end up with a pretty good Listening level and a very bad Speaking level. Don’t make this same mistake too!

That’s why you have to keep in mind that…
You have to work all your 4 basic skills!
-Don’t never leave aside the skills you are not good or the more difficult ones.
-Don’t only work the skills you are good at.


And Remember…

What skill to prioritize when you don’t have time to improve your English_

-Are you prioritizing your Listening skill?
-How do you like to work your Listening skill?
-All your comments are very welcome!!!

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