Why people learn English?

After writing my post about “The 13 most common reasons why people learn English”,  I asked to English learners on some Facebook groups the next question:
Why do you want to learn English?”.

I wanted to know what other English learners thought about and maybe even found some other reasons that move people to learn English.

why people learn English

I received a lot of answers, which I want to thank very much.
I’ve collected all the answers and then made a brief summary of what people told me.

To make it easier to read, I’ve removed duplicates or similar answers.
I’ve also corrected some spelling mistakes but tried to keep the originals answers as much as possible.

Here are the results about “Why people learn English?


What People Think About The English Language?

  • It’s an important language.
  • Everybody speaks English.
  • It’s the international language.
  • It’s a funny language.
  • It’s the universal language.
  • It’s pretty relevant.
  • It’s the essential language.
  • I love English.
  • It’s the official language.
  • It’s the key of the world.
  • It’s the most used language.
  • It’s a nice language.
  • I like English.
  • It has an easy grammar.
  • All people use it.
  • It’s the most spoken language in the world.
  • It’s an easy language.


Why People Learn English?

  • To have access to information.
  • To be able to translate.
  • To earn money.
  • To know another language.
  • To improve my education.
  • It’s very useful at work.
  • To support my family.
  • To find friends.
  • To try something new.
  • For personal life.
  • To learn a new language.
  • To connect to the rest of the world.
  • For educational purposes.
  • To know others cultures.
  • To go abroad to study.
  • To learn a new language it’s always beneficial.
  • A language is the key of knowledge.
  • To be able to communicate.
  • To find a good job in the future.
  • I currently need English in my job.


We Definitely Like English…

As you can see these are the opinions of English learners about the English language.

We, English learners, think that English is very important and useful because it’s the most ”International language”.

We also think that English is very useful for our studies, job and personal life.

We learn it because it’s a language that opens a lot of doors but sometimes we even learn it just because we like it.


Thank You To All Of  You

I want to thank you very much every one of all the English learners that shared their personals reasons to learn English.

Some of those English learners are…
Ha, Bhupendra, Faiz, Datcu, Prince, Elvis, Merve, Dinesh, Love, Seethi, Rahul, Teimur, Marie, Suresh, Elghachi, Cuauhtémoc, Chado, Mussa, Kamal, Kumar, Abay, Ammr, Windy, Kumar, Abay, Andalah, Gabriel, Mereym, Intan, Laila, Ajit, Anuj, Farah, FAiz, Makmur, Ahmed, Silvio Carlos, Ssaco, Rosa, Mahnaz, Tanina, Jaleel, Muhammad, Omar, Islam, Maram, Sidina, Mg, Ravi…among many, many others…

And Remember…

why people learn English_
If you want to share your reasons too, you can add them on the comments below.
…All your comments are very welcome!!!

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