How to master connected speech

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When speaking in English there is a LOT of linking between words.
It’s something that it’s maybe not common in your native language but if you want to reduce your accent and improve your English rhythm you have to link words whenever needed.

Listen carefully to a native English speaker.
They don’t speak like this…
“I   like   it    a    lot”. (word, pause, word, pause, word, pause)

It’s something more like this…
I likita lot. (there are some words that are linked or blended)

Let’s see how you can master connected speech and move your English speaking to the next level!


How to master connected speech

I’m going to show you the four basic link groups…

Linking Consonant To Vowel

Whenever a word ends with a consonant sound and the next word starts with a vowel you have to link them and pronounce them as a word.

  • You have to stop it right now. –> You have to stopit right now.
  • I love it very much. –> I lovit very much.
  • Wake up right now! –> Wakup right now!
  • Some of them live abroad. –> Somof them livabroad.
  • I’m going to explain it in the meeting. –> I’m going to explainitin the meeting.
  • We worked on it all day long. –> We workonitall day long
  • Can I have a cup of tea? –> Cani hava cupof tea?


Linking Consonant To Consonant

Whenever a word ends with a consonant and the next word starts with the same consonant you have to link them and only pronounce the consonant once.

  • She’s wearing a red dress. –> She’s wearing a redress.
  • It was the last time I saw him. –> It was the lastime I saw him.
  • You look cool today! –> You lookool today!
  • My university has a book club. –> My university has a booklub.
  • I Went to Paris many times in the past. –> I Wento Paris many times in the past.
  • What time is it? –> Whatime is it?


Linking Vowel To Vowel

Whenever a word ends with a vowel and the next word start with a vowel you have to link them by adding a /y/ or a /w/.
We add a sound to make the connection with two words easier and more natural…

  • It’s the end. –> It’s the_y_end.
  • Do it right now! –> Do_w_it right now!
  • Stop talking or go out. –> Stop talking or go_w_out.
  • Who is it? –> Who_w_is it
  • Don’t go away because I need you. –> Don’t go_w_away because I need you.
  • It’s too early to go out.–> It’s too_w_early to go_w_out.
  • I am very happy. –> I_y_am very happy.

It’s easy to know if you have to use a /y/ or a /w/ because when you try to add it, one of them fells natural while the other sounds awful, unnatural.


Linking Between Words

There’s even linking between words when there are two vowels side by side.

  • reunion  –>  re_y_union
  • client  –>  cli_y_ent
  • diet  –>  di_y_et
  • cooperate  –>  co_w_operate
  • graduate  –>  gradu_w_ate
  • coersion  –>  co_w_ersion
  • fluent  –>  flu_w_ent
  • evaluate  –>  evalu_w_ate
  • quiet  –>  qui_y_et


Master Connected Speech By Using It

At first it’s not easy to use connected speech. You have to think about it and force yourself to link words whenever needed.

Start by using easy sentences and repeat them as much as possible. If you keep doing it it’s going to be easier and easier for you. At the end you are going to connect speech naturally even without thinking about it.

Whenever you listen to English materials, try to feel how speakers link words together.


And Remember…

How to master connected speech_
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