How to learn phrasal verbs easily – Part 2

After 10 days in a row writing a very short story using 5 new phrasal verbs every day, I share with you an extensive summary of my work.

I’m writing this post to motivate you and I also want you to know how to learn phrasal verbs easily.

You can learn more about this strategy in my former post… How you can learn phrasal verbs easily.

As you may already know, instead of memorizing endless lists of phrasal verbs, I have (and you also have) to use phrasal verbs on a daily basis because our aim is to internalize them by using them in a natural way.

How to learn phrasal verbs easily - Part 2

Let’s see my work day after day in detail…

Day 1

– Phrasal verbs I used: Get along, Fall apart, Look forward to, Carry on, Hold on.

I got along very well with my friend John.
We used to meet almost every day and enjoy nice walks together until one day our friendship fell apart because of a stupid fight
Nowadays I’m looking forward to meeting him again because I want to apologize.
The problem is that I don’t know where he lives anymore.
I‘ll carry on looking for John until I’ll find him.
Next time I’ll have to hold on and think twice before starting quarreling for unimportant things.


Day 2

– Phrasal verbs I used: Do over, Come down, Hang up, Come back, Call off.

At my job I’m currently working on a very difficult task of a big project. I I’ll do over this task until I reach the solution to an important issue we are dealing with.
The problem is that I came down with a strong cold and I’m now at home for some days.
My workmates are calling me every now and then but I have to hang up even if I don’t want because I’m feeling exhausted. I’m really looking forward to coming back to work again soon. Until then I’ll have to call off all my meetings.


Day 3

– Phrasal verbs I used: Name after, Try on, Keep away, Clean up, Put away.

My brother and I were named after our grandparents whose names were Paul and Raul.
But he’s angry with me because he doesn’t want me to try on his clothes or touch any of his stuff.
I try to keep away from him as much as possible but it’s not an easy task because our parents want us to clean up the house together as a team.
I’m putting away money to buy him a present for his birthday.


Day 4

– Phrasal verbs I used: Calm down, Think over, Turn down, Go on, Find out.

It’s not easy to calm down after a stressful day at work
In my job I work hard until I reach my objectives.
When some strategy doesn’t work I just think over for a different approach to the problem I have to solve.
I always turn down every offer of help because I like to solve problems by myself.
And I always go on, no matter what, until I find out a solution.


Day 5

– Phrasal verbs I used: Turn on, Fill up, Pick up, Pass out, Ache for.

The first thing I do in the morning is to turn on the radio.
Then I fill up a big bowl with milk and pick up whatever I can find in the kitchen’s cupboards to eat.
I always have breakfast because If I don’t eat before going to work I’m afraid to pass out right in my desk. I have to say that I always ache for chocolate cookies but I try to eat healthy.


Day 6

– Phrasal verbs I used: Cheer up, Head out, Fill out, Figure out, Look for.

Yesterday, to cheer up after a really bad week, after having breakfast I headed out to my university campus where I filled out a form to get a visa that allows me to live abroad for a whole year!
Now, the only problem is to figure out how I’m going to pay for my daily expenses. I just need to start looking for a job.


Day 7

– Phrasal verbs I used: Get up, Sit down, Look after, Run after, Watch out.

At home, we usually get up from bed very early.
I then bath and dress my children them and don’t sit down until we are all ready to have breakfast.
I always look after my children in the mornings because my wife is already at work.
Because I don’t like to run after the bus, we walk to school and I always tell my children to watch out because we have to cross many streets and there’s always a lot of traffic.


Day 8

– Phrasal verbs I used: Ask out, Eat out, Move in, Get through, Break up.

I asked out a friend of mine that I liked very much.
We ate out together many times until we decided to move in together.
We got through a lot of problems like all other couples. But we didn’t break up because we always talk in order to solve our differences.


Day 9

– Phrasal verbs I used: Hang out, Deal with, Run away, Go out, Give up.

We don’t want our son to hang out with bad companies. The problem is that’s very difficult to deal with young people. He doesn’t want to listen to our advice.
He always runs away whenever we ask him to go out for a walk and chat a little.
We’re not going to give up because we care for him very much.


Day 10

– Phrasal verbs I used: Wash up, Make up, Throw away, Run out, Pay back.

I don’t like to wash up the dishes and I always make up an excuse to avoid it. We threw away our old dishwasher because it stopped working. We run out of money and our parents lent us some to buy a new one. Nowadays we have money and we are paying them back.


Now that you know how to learn phrasal verbs, it’s time to go ahead!!!
It’s you turn to start learning phrasal verbs right now!!!

– Are you going to work your phrasal verbs like me?
– Do you use a different strategy?
…All your comments are very welcome!!!

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