How to learn English vocabulary easily

If you are reading this post, chances are that you are really serious about improving your English.
Before starting to read this post I want you to promise that you are going to take action like I’m going to suggest you.

By only reading the post you are not going to improve your English that much.
But if you follow my advice, I can assure you that you are going to boost your English for good!

As you’re going to see, it isn’t that difficult to learn English vocabulary
How to learn English vocabulary drastically


How I’m Going To Learn English Vocabulary?

From the next 365 days…yes…I said for a WHOLE YEAR… I’m going to write a daily sentence using a new word or expression in order to learn English vocabulary.

Once a day I’m going to publish a sentence using brand new vocabulary at random including…

  • Expressions
  • Single words
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Idioms

I’m going to publish my work once a day, and you are going to be able to check it in…

My goal is not to memorize and endless list of new vocabulary. What I want is to use on a daily basis new words and expressions in order to add them to my English knowledge and use them whenever I speak or write.

Because of using new vocabulary on a regular basis, my “very basic” English is going to start sounding more “natural”, “genuine”, “authentic”, let’s say more “native”.


How You’re Going To Learn English Vocabulary?

If you also want to improve your English, it’s not enough if you read this post. It’s even not enough if you just check every now and then the sentences I’m going to publish.

You also have to write a sentence once a day!!!

From today, you are going to…

  1. Choose a new word or expression every day.
  2. Write down a sentence using it.
  3. Publish your sentence in any “Learn English Like Me” page (Twitter, Facebook or G+).
  4. I’m going to give you my feedback 😉


Making The Whole Thing A Little More Challenging

Apart from using a new word or expression every day, I‘ll alternate the use of different English tenses in order to improve them too.

When writing my daily sentence, I’m going to use the next tenses at random…

• Present simple
• Present continuous
• Past simple
• Past Continuous
• Present Perfect
• Present Perfect Continuous
• Future

A part from leaning new words and expressions I’m also going to work the English tenses.

If you want to learn more about how to master the English tenses I recommend you my post…The English tenses summary to make English easier


What Happens If We Make Mistakes?

Fell totally free to correct me if I make any mistake. I’m always very grateful when someone helps me to improve. Making mistakes and afterwards being aware of them is the sign that you are improving your English.

If you make any mistake while writing your own sentences, chances are that myself or someone else is going to help you to correct it.

Go ahead, it’s time to learn English vocabulary!


And Remember…

How to learn English vocabulary drastically_

– Are you going to use this strategy?
– How do you usually learn new vocabulary?
…All your comments are very welcome!!!

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  • Daniel

    Hi George, great strategy of yours to intenalise vocabulary. Thanks for your suggestion! You know, when you really know the basic vocabulary you miss an effective way to proceed to wider passive vocabulary. Cheers!

    1. George

      Hi Daniel,

      You’re very right!
      Once you’re able to speak basic English, the next step is to enrich your English vocabulary in order to be able to speak more fluently and with a more abundant vocabulary.
      Here the trick is to find strategies in order to internalize new words and expressions. Like we both say we have to “internalize” and not just “memorize”

      Thank you very much for your comment!

  • Tushar Patil

    Thank you very much for your guidance. These things are going to help me and thousands like me. Thank you sir.

    1. George

      Thank you Tushar!

      I appreciate very much your words.
      If you have any doubt I’m all ears.

      Take care!!!

  • Coco

    I’d like to know where we can publish our sentences on your Facebook page, please.
    Can we send you our sentences by Messenger?
    Thanks for your answer and help.

    1. George

      Hi again Coco

      I used to do that in some former posts I wrote. I published one or more than one sentences on a daily basis and try to motivate other learners to write their own sentences. Then I help them to correct their sentences as well as they did help me with my own mistakes.
      I don’t write that king of post these days but I’ll do it once again in the future.

      Anyway, if you want help or you have doubts about any given sentence, in the meantime, you can send them to my email at and I’ll do my best to help you.

      Thank you very much for your comments.
      I wish you the best to you and to your English!!!

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