How to learn English idioms easily – Week 4

Learn English idioms

As I already told you, native English speakers learn idioms naturally even without noticing it. At first they just hear or read them. Then they gradually start using these idioms in their speaking and writing.

You, as an English learner, you have to avoid memorizing idioms.
Instead, you have to use new idioms on a regular basis and as often as possible.
Doing this, you are more likely going to integrate them in your vocabulary like native English speakers do.


7 New Idioms…

I’m HAVING A HARD TIME trying to find the best English learning method.
(To have difficulty doing something)
If you go to the movies, don’t watch this film because it really SUCKS.
(It’s worthless) (Informal)
It’s not easy to SET UP a new business when you don’t have any previous experience.
(To establish or found something)
She told me that she works as an astronaut. I know that she’s PULLING MY LEG.
(To trick or fool someone)
My purse has fallen and my coins are all over the floor. Could you help me to PICK them UP?
(To collect)
It’s really hot, I FEEL LIKE drinking very cold water.
(To have a desire to do or to have something)
I started my own blog about fashion FROM SCRATCH.
(You start right at the beginning)


How To Learn English Idioms Easily?

If you want to grow your English vocabulary, I recommend you to work whith these idioms for a while until you assimilate them.

Don’t memorize them. You’re going to forget them as soon as you try to memorize new ones. The worst way to learn new vocabulary is to write down endless lists of new words and then trying to memorize them one after another.

If you really want to learn English idioms easily I recommend you to:

  1. Check my new post with brand new idioms every week.
  2. For 7 days in a row, try to make sentences with every one of these 7 idioms once a day.
  3. Force yourself to use them as much as possible whenever you have to speak or write in English.
  4. In a future come back randomly to any of these posts to review your idioms.

Doing that, instead of just memorizing these idioms, chances are that you are going to assimilate them and using them naturally whenever you speak or write in English.


And Remember These Idioms…

Learn English Idioms_Week 4

It’s now time for you to learn English idioms!
Go ahead and enjoy them!!!

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