The key to your learning English success

I bet that you often work your English without any direction or prior thinking.

Ask yourself the next questions…

  • The work you are currently doing is really helping to improve your English?
  • Are there better strategies to reach your English goals faster?
  • Are you checking if your English skills levels are improving?

In the past I used to work my English without any direction. As a result I worked a lot and get very little results in return.

Let’s look at an easy strategy to increase your learning English success


Your Learning English Success In 4 Basic Steps

How to assure your learning English success

I’m going to show you 4 basics steps that you can follow in order to make the most of your work.
Your main goal is to improve as much as possible your English with less work from your part.

Let’s take a look at the 4 steps…

  1. Define your Goal
    Before starting to work you need to clearly know what do you want to achieve.
    As an example, a specific and clear goal would be:
    I want to improve my English vocabulary in the field where I work.”
    Avoid too generic goals like “I want to read in English”
  2. Plan a strategy
    When you know your goal, before starting to work, it’s time to plan a specific strategy in order to reach it.
    As an example, If you work on marketing and want to improve your vocabulary on this field you are going to read articles or podcasts about marketing.
  3. Work Towards your goal
    While studying never forget your goal in order to work in the most efficient direction.
  4. Check your progression
    When the work you planned is done or whenever you feel it, you have to check if what you are doing is helping you.
    If you reach your goal or feel that you are improving…You are in the right direction!
    If you are not improving, go back to step 2 and reconsider your strategy.
    Never give up because when you make a mistake you are just a step closer to your goal. You only fail when you do nothing at all.


A Personal Example Of How I Use This Strategy

Step 1: I define my goal
I want to improve my English speaking skill which is by far my weakest level.
I have to concentrate on reducing my accent and improving my pronunciation of lots of words that I don’t even know how to pronounce.

Step 2: I plan my strategy
I’m going to concentrate on two main focuses in order to reach my goal:

  1. I need to know how I can reduce my accent while talking in English. I also want to learn some basic pronunciation rules. I’m going to look for materials that can help me.
  2. If I want to improve my speaking I do have to speak in English on a regular basis. Then I’m going to talk almost daily with my English friends in order to practice what I’m learning about accent reduction and pronunciation.

Step 3 : I work
I’m currently working on what I planned.
I’m listening and watching accent reduction and English pronunciation materials.
I’m speaking in English on a regular basis.

Step 4: I check my progression
I’m checking my work every now and then to make sure that I’m on the right path.
Of course my English accent and pronunciation is not going to improve overnight.
But I think it’s wise to check for new materials whenever I fell I’m not improving anymore.


And Remember…

I share with you an infographic that is going to help you to visualize the whole process in order to assure your learning English success!

How to assure your learning English success_1

– Do you think twice before deciding how are you going to work your English?
– Are you going to use this strategy?
– Do you know others strategies?
…All your comments are very welcome!!!

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