Improve your English faster through a good planning

You are working to improve your English but how can you make the most of your effort?
Sometimes you don’t improve your English as much as possible just because you don’t follow any strategy at all.

I think it’s crucial to follow a personal strategy to really improve your English. It’s also very improtant to check your progress every now and then to be sure that you are following the right path. Moreover it’s going to help you to be motivated.

Now you are thinking: Yes, that’s a great idea, but…How can you achieve that?


The Monthly Milestone Strategy

Improve your English faster through a good planning

I suggest you to follow an easy strategy that is going to help you to improve faster and to keep a record of what you are doing. This strategy is also going to boost your motivation.

From now on, follow these 3 easy steps EVERY month:

Step 1:
The first day of the month Milestone
  • Plan and write down your strategy for the whole month.
    • Which skills are you going to work?
      • Reading
      • Listening
      • Speaking
      • Writing


  • What specific tasks are you going to do for every skill?
  • Write down your commitment.
Step 2:
During the month
  • Work as planned on the first day of the month.
Step 3:
The last day of the month Milestone
  • You have to check the work you have done.
  • Draw your conclusions.

Let’s see all this in detail:

Tips for the first day of the month Milestone…

  • Be realistic on the effort/time you can spend during the month.
  • You can choose only 1 or 2 or 3 or even 4 skills to work during a month. It depends on your needs.
  • Be aware of the fact that the more skills you choose the less work you are going to do for each one.

Tips for the last day of the month Milestone…

  • If you feel it has been too easy to fulfill your commitment you can maybe plan more work for the next month.
  • If you hadn’t fulfill your tasks or it has been very difficult to fulfill them then you need to reduce the level of the work for the next month.
  • You have to feel that you are really working hard but without too much pressure.

Some good advices to keep always in mind:

  • Be realistic.
  • Try to adjust the tasks to what you can really do and try to always fulfill them.
  • Don’t avoid the tasks that you don’t like.
  • Work in the first place the skills where your level is worst.
  • Be patient during the first months using this strategy. Month after month is going to be easier for you.


A Practical Example Of The Monthly Milestone Strategy

Here I show you a personal example of the strategy I follow during a whole month some time ago…

Month: June 2012

First day of the month

Last day of the month




Listening  Watch 31 episodes of the TV Show “Two and a Half Men“. Half done…..I only watched 17 episodes.
Reading  Read 10 pages everyday of the book that I’m currently reading. (World Without End by Ken Follett) Done…..I read  at least 10 pages every day and even a lot more some days.



Write an entry to my diary everyday.

Done…..I wrote an entry every day (Some days a longer entry some days a shorter one depending of what I have to tell).


  • As you can see I decided to work only tree skills and left the speaking skill for another month.
  • I only choose one task per skill. (You can plan more than one task per skill.)


And Remenber…

Improve your English faster through a good planning_
-What do you think about this strategy?
-Are you going to try it?
-Don’t doubt to share with us your personal strategy for the next month.
…All your comments are very welcome!!!

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  • Nour

    I really appreciate this ^^^
    I guess it did work with me and I am really ion the need of it
    My English isnt that bad but as an IGCSE student I need to work hard for it
    I am a Grade 8 student and by the nest two years I would be doing my O-Levels
    I am realy scared and your plan i guess would really work 😀 🙂
    Anyways thanks :* :*

    1. George

      Hi Nour,

      It’s good to know that I’m helping you!!!

      If you want to make the most of your time and effort, a good planning is always a must!
      It’s like when you have to go to some place for the first time.
      If you just go without any prior thinking it might be difficult to find and not effective at all because it’s easy to get lost.
      But if you plan your trip beforehand it’s going to be eaiser and faster.

      Feel free to ask if you need more help.

      Thank you very much for your comment!!!

  • Rawan

    I really like your articles , it is very useful
    and If you don’t mind I would like to quote from the article to my students.

    1. George

      Thank you very much Rawan!

      Of course you can use my articles to help your students!
      I’m more than happy to know that my blog is helping you and your students.
      If you need anything else I’m here for you.

      I wish you the best!!!

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