How to improve your English reading level when you…

I’m writing this post for those of you who don’t have time to read common books in order to improve your English.

For English learners with no free time who:

  1.  Don’t even dare to start to read a book.
  2.  Try to start reading books but always give up and let them unfinished.

By the way, if you have enough time to read books then I suggest you to check a post about How to really improve your English by choosing the right books to read.
I also recommend you another post that gives you Some tips to don’t give up in the first pages when reading a book.

If you are still here reading my post then you are between the ones that are short on time. Then let’s go to find a solution to improve your English reading level…



Why Is Reading So Important In Order To Improve Your English?

Reading is important because if you want to improve your English you do need a good basis of the English language. You are going to acquire this knowledge mainly by reading and by listening .

When you read you learn:

  • Words (Vocabulary)
  • Sentences (Grammar)
  • Spelling (Orthography)
  • English culture
  • Slang
  • …among many others

As you can see reading is a must and you can’t avoid it if you want to learn English and reach a good level.
Of course you still can learn English only by listening but I think that reading is complementary and a basic pillar in your English learning process.


How To Improve Your English Reading Level?

It would be ideal to have enough free time to seat in your comfortable couch to read and enjoy awesome books while at the same time your English level improves even without noticing it.

If it’s not your case I recommend you to forget about common books until in the future you are maybe going to have more free time.

You just have to look for English materials that match your time availability:

  1. If you have a lot of free time then go for common books.
  2. If you have very little available time then go for VERY short materials.

As you can see there are no excuses to don’t read.

What kind of materials do I recommend?

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • News
  • Very short stories
  • Magazines
  • Jokes
  • Interviews
  • …among many others…

Keep in mind that the key to improve your English is not “How much do you read?” but “How often do you read?”.
It’s better to read very short pieces of text for 5 minutes every day than reading for 5 hours in a row one day and then no more reading for a whole month.


My Personal Experience

In periods of my life when I don’t have very much free time (It’s most of the time) I follow some rules that help me a lot.

  • I only read books and materials that are written in English.
  • I ALWAYS carry with me some English materials to read just in case some unexpected free/wait time appears.
  • I usually use printed materials or just read them on my cell phone.
  • I read them whenever possible…
    • When waiting for the bus
    • When stuck in a traffic jam
    • while shaving
    • while eating
    • While in a waiting room
    • …and so on…

Reading a page long article per day is going to be 365 pages at the end of the year. It’s like reading a 365 pages long book. Not that bad!!!
Think about this: Accomplishing a lot of small tasks mean a lot of work done at the end of the year!


And Remember…

How to improve your English reading level when you don’t have time to read_

– How many books do you read per year?
– What do you do if you don’t have time to read common books?
– All your comments are very welcome!!!

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