Improve your English listening skill through the music you…

It’s very useful to work your English through your favorite songs. You learn and improve your English while you enjoy the music you like.

As I already told you in a former post “Learn and improve your English through your favorite songs“, you can even work the four basic skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing) while enjoying your favorite music.
In this new post we are going to concentrate on your listening skill.


How Can You Improve Your Listening Through The Songs You Like?

Improve your English listening skill through the music you like

I recommend you to choose a song that you really like because you are going to work with it very deeply.
Once you have chosen one, try to memorize the lyrics and sing along with the song.
When you have internalized the song, it’s time to look for covers on YouTube.


What Is A Cover?

For those of you who don’t know what a cover is…
It’s when a band or singer makes a new version of a song written from someone else.
The band or singer making the cover try to introduce their personal style to the song. The new version can be quite similar or so different that it’s even difficult to recognize the original song.


Why This Strategy Is Going To Help You?

In one hand it’s funny to listen to different version of your favorite songs.
In the other hand you are going to work your listening skill deeply because you listen to a song sung by:

  • Singers with different accents.
  • Singers with different styles.
  • Singers from different countries.
  • Singers with different pronunciations.
  • Male & female singers.

It’s like the English language in the real world…

  • Different English accents
  • Different kind of voices (male & female, young, old…)
  • Different pronunciations

Be aware that some words or sentences that are difficult to understand in a song can be easily catch in a different version.


Some Examples Of Covers That I Like…

Here I share with you some songs that I like and some of their respective covers to give you a general idea of the whole process.

Song: Viva la vida by Coldplay

Song: Human by The Killers

Song: Every breath you take by The Police

There are a lot of covers for every song. You are going to find good covers and bad ones too.
Just pick up songs that you really like and work and enjoy listening and learning with their covers.


And Remember…

Improve your English listening skill through the music you like_

-What songs do you really like?
-Did you look for covers in the past?
-Are you going to try this strategy to improve your listening skill?
…all your comments are very welcome!!!

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