How to work your English speaking skill everyday

In this post I want to share with you an easy exercise that can help you a lot to improve your English speaking skill.

When you talk to someone, most of the time you are just exchanging questions and answers.
When you are not used to talk in a language, it’s very difficult to build questions and answer in real time. You have to think too much before asking or answering and then the conversation doesn’t flow.

Then why not to train on your own “questions and answers” on a regular basis? That way in future conversations it’s going to be easier for you.


How to work your English speaking skill everyday

Work Your English Speaking Skill Everyday

Here is an idea on how you can improve your speaking…

You have to pick up a word (any word is good to do this exercise) and then for that chosen word you have to ask ALOUD  5 questions starting with the next words:

  • What…?
  • Where…?
  • When…?
  • Why…?
  • Who…?

And then you also have to answer ALOUD every question with a sentence (and not with a single word).

You can make up the questions and answers with real or invented sentences .It doesn’t matter at all. What really matters is that you have to try to build correct questions and answers.

If you do this exercise for a long period, the next day that you are going to talk with someone in English:

  • You are going to be able to ask and answer quickly.
  • The conversation is going to flow.
  • You are going to feel more confident and then you are going to do a real step ahead.


What I Recommend ?

I recommend you to do this training for a whole month and at least 4 words per day what represents:
4 words per day = 20 questions+ 20 answers per day.

And doing this for a whole month represents:
4 words per day during a whole month  =  600 questions + 600 answers per month.

Go figure that in a month you are going to ask and answer 600 questions!!! That’s good if you want to really improve!!!


I Show You A Practical Example:

I show you as an example the five words I choose on a given day: (“Funny“, “Blue“,  ”Knife”, ”Hope”).
I first picked up the word “Funny” and then I asked 5 questions using the word and I answered them like that:


  • Question: What is the funniest thing ever?
  • Answer: In my opinion The TV show “Two and a half men” is the funniest TV show ever.


  • Question: Where can you find funny stuff?
  • Answer: I recommend you to check on the Internet for jokes.


  • Question: When can I watch a funny show?
  • Answer: You can watch funny TV shows every night in the HBO channel.


  • Question: Why do you like funny things?
  • Answer: I like funny stuff because it helps to forget the daily problems that we have to deal with.


  • Question: Who’s the funniest actor at the moment?
  • Answer: In my opinion Jon Cryer is the funniest artist I know.


Ant then I picked up my second word “Blue” and I did the same:


  • Question: What is your favorite color?
  • Answer: Actually my favorite color is blue.


  • Question: Where can you find a blue car?
  • Answer: You just have to check on my parking lot. I own a blue car.


  • Question: When did you see a blue tomato for the first time?
  • Answer: Actually I have never seen a blue tomato.


  • Question: Why is blue your favorite color?
  • Answer: Blue is my favorite color because I like the sky and the sea that are blue too.


  • Question: Who is the guy in a blue t-shirt?
  • Answer: He’s john, my best friend. He always wears blue t-shirts

And then I did the same for the next 2 words that I picked up: ”Knife” and ”Hope“.


And Remember…

How to work your English speaking skill everyday_


-What do you think about this exercise?
-Are you going to try it?
-Is it working for you?
…All your comments are vey welcome!!!

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