How to learn English vocabulary in an easy and…

I started to learn English vocabulary by writing the words and its translation in a sheet of paper.
Then soon I had so many words and so much sheets of paper than I started to use an alphabet notebook.
I end up with a notebook full of hundreds of words that I wasn’t able to remember.
I still keep the notebook and even the bunch of papers but don’t check them anymore.
In my own experience it’s not a so good idea to learn vocabulary that way.

The best way to learn a new English word is when you directly link the word with the thing itself.
How to learn English vocabulary in an easy and funny way

Increase Your English Vocabulary By Redecorating Your Life

To learn English words in a natural and easy way, I did something in the past that I still do nowadays and it’s quite funny and useful…

Just go around your house, office, car… and wherever you find a thing that you don’t know its name in English, you just check it in a dictionary and then write the name in a post and stick it on the thing itself.
It’s funny, easy and it’s going to help you to memorize the word.
When you have memorized a word you can remove the post.
Some posts are going to last for long. It depends on every word.

Places where you can apply this tactic:

    • Kitchen
    • Living room
    • Bedroom
    • WC
    • Car
    • Wardrobes
    • Cupboards
    • Desk

…among many others


And Remember…Wallpaper Your Life To Learn English Vocabulary

How to learn English vocabu


-What do you thing about this tactic?
-Did you use it in the past?
-Are you going to try it?
-Do you know similar tactics to learn English vocabulary?
…All your comments are very welcome!!!

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