How to improve your English speaking level even when…

Speaking is maybe the most important skill to master when you learn a language but why most people struggle so much to improve their speaking?

When you are not living in an English speaking country it’s not very easy to find opportunities to speak in English and then to improve.Then maybe you have to create this opportunities by yourself…


How to improve your English speaking level even when you are alone


Why Your English Speaking Level Is Not Improving?

I want to tell you one of the BIG mistakes I made for a very long time while learning English: My speaking level didn’t improve because I just didn’t speak in English at all.

If you want to learn to drive a car you just have to drive. You are not going to improve your driving skill just by only watching cars passing by.

Then how do you want to improve your English speaking level if you don’t often give you the opportunity to speak in English?

There is a magic word that can help you a lot to improve your speaking…


Aloud Is The Magic Word To Improve Your Speaking Skill Faster

I bet that sometimes you feel that your mouth and tongue struggle too much when you have to speak in English.

Here is a very easy strategy that is going to help you to improve :

Speak ALOUD as often as possible when you are alone.

  • Whenever you read, do it ALOUD.
  • Whenever you just finish writing something, read it ALOUD.
  • Try to sing songs ALOUD
  • Talk ALOUD while driving, doing the dishes, walking, having a shower…
  • Try to think in English ALOUD instead of in your native language (That is not easy if you have a basic level)

Force yourself to speak ALOUD in English every day and as much as possible.At first you can feel awkward or stupid, but keep doing it and you are going to improve for sure!!!

Seem quite obvious but think about it for a minute…
…are you speaking ALOUD as much as you should?


Speak Aloud As Much As Possible

How to improve your English speaking level even when you are alone_

NOTE: This easy strategy is going to help you to improve but it’s only a supporting strategy.Don’t lose any opportunity you have to speak in English with real people.


-What do you think about this easy strategy?
-Did you try it in the past?
-Are you going to try it?
-Don’t doubt to share with us your own experience.
…All your comments are very welcome!!!

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  • Cphelele

    I would like to become fluent in englsh but it seems to be difficult dont knw why…atlist i can read and write but i forget my wordz when i have to speak…Help people please!

    1. George

      Hi Cphelele,

      When you read or write in English you can do it slowly and at your own pace. That’s the reason you have enough time to think.

      But when you speak it’s different.
      You only have some seconds or even less time to think before speaking.

      In a single second you have to:
      – Find the words.
      – Choose the right tense.
      – Build a correct sentence.

      That why it’s so difficult.

      But don’t give up. KEEP working your English!!!

      Your Speaking skill is going to improve as you work it.
      Working your Listening, Reading and Writing skills is also going to help you to improve your Speaking because all four skills are intertwined.
      It’s not going to happen overnight but try to work your English EVERY day even if it’s only for 15 minutes.

      I hope that my blog is going to help you to reach a good English level sooner and in an easier and funnier way.

      Take care!

  • Angel

    Thanks for the tips

    I can read and write it but I find myself struggling very often when try to speak it as an english native people do. I’m planing to move to the United States next year and I’m trying to prepare myself as much as posible.

    I will put those tips you give us to the test every day hoping to get results as soon as posible.

    1. George

      Hi Angel!

      Like you, it’s easier for me to read, listen or even write in English than to speak.
      Because of that I’m just starting to write a series of 10 posts about “How to speak English well.”
      I’ve just published the first one… The 9 basic pillars to speak English well.
      I recommend you to read all of the posts as I’ll publish them and I’m here to help you with any doubt you might have.

      Thank you very much for your comment!!!

  • Marcelino Fontes

    I want to improve my englesh but i don’t know how method to use?

    1. George

      Hi Marcelino!

      Thank you very much for your comment.

      Instead of learning English, try to enjoy your hobbies and interests through English.
      If you are a football fan or if you like gardening or if you are mad about cars, try to enjoy these interests in English.

      2) I highly recommend you to:
      – Read a lot (Books, Articles , Magazins…) about your interest.
      – Listen to English materials like (Audiobooks, Podcasts…) about your interest.
      – Watch (programs, documentaries…) about your interest.
      – Share your interests with other English speaking people in the Internet

      Always try to find the right materials for you. The ones that match your current level.

      I also recommend you to read the posts I write because you are going to find specific information about how to improve the four basic skills:
      – Reading
      – Speaking
      – Listening
      – Writing

      If you have any specific doubt I’m here for you.

      Take care!

  • tariq khan

    i like your way of teaching i think i should gain enough knowledge from you know i practise each and every time with my self because it is the proper way you teach us

    1. George

      Hi Tariq!

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I like very much to know that I’m helping you.
      Keep working your English whenever you can.

      When working alone always be very demanding with yourself.If you have doubts check in the Internet or with a friend or with me…

      Remember to work through topics that you like and enjoy!!!

      If you have any doubts remember that I’m here for you!!!

      Take care.

  • anne

    Thank you very much! It is very useful for me. I am very bad at remembering new words. But today,i had some ways to improve it. ^^

    1. George

      Hi Anne,

      Thank you very much for your kind comment!!!

      Never give up. If you keep working on your English I’m sure you are going to succed!

      take care

  • Jehan

    Thank u very much for your help i have very hard time when i trying to say something even if i wanna explain. I like to read every time and I’m really become confusing how to speak clearly I know a lot of words but I always forget them when i wanna used them !

    1. George

      Hi Jehan,

      Like you, I feel that I know a lot of words but when it’s time to speak they are all gone…:(

      The most important thing is not to give up. Keep working your English because if you do it in a regular basis you are going to improve for sure!!!
      Try to speak alone and record yourself. It‘s going to help a lot to listen to yourself speaking in English. Compare your English to other people English. What are you doing wrong? What can you improve?

      Try to find English friends (Natives or English learners) and speak to them on a very regular basis. At first you’re going to feel that you are not able to follow even a very basic conversation. But if you keep doing it you are going to feel more and more at easy while talking to someone in English.
      If it’s difficult for you to find English friends to speak to, you can start at or any other similar site. It’s a web where you can find other English learners that are looking for someone to speak in English through Skype.
      Find English partners and keep talking and talking and talking… Always Enjoy it!!! Don’t give up easily. Remember that sometimes it’s not easy to find a good English partner quickly. Be patient and your English is going to improve for sure!!!

      Remember: Prioritize your speaking but don’t stop reading and listening to English materials.

      For any other doubt I’m here for you!!!

      Take care!

  • JC

    Thank you for your sharing~^^
    I would like to ask Is it true that standing in front of the mirror and talking to myself can train my english speaking ?

    1. George

      Hi JC,

      I heard about the fact than standing in front of the mirror helps people to improve their speaking.

      I don’t use this strategy myself, but it can sure work for you.
      Sometimes this strategy is used to improve your speaking in public skill.
      While working your English speaking, people sometimes use a mirror but focusing just in your face. In order to know if you are placing your mouth, tongue, jaw… like native English speakers do.
      If it helps you or if it gives you confidence then it’s a good strategy.

      Anyway, what I also recommend you is to record yourself when talking (video or just sound).
      You are going to listen how do you sound and what do you have to improve.
      I warn you that as an English learner is pretty discouraging when you listen to yourself speaking in English but it’s a must in you want to improve your speaking skill!!!

      If you need anything else I’m here for you.
      Than you very much for your comment.
      I wish you the best!

  • hamzeh ahmadi

    thank you for your teaching method. I read the above comments and the way you show them to solve their problems about English learning. I have the same problems that was raised above( i can read and write but i forget my words when i have to speak). I find your website just today and I want to practice your way of speaking English.

    1. George

      Hi Hamzeh,

      You are asking here for a very common problem between English learners.
      I, myself, know the meaning of a lot of words, expressions, idioms, phrasal verbs… But the problem is that although I really know their meaning, when I speak, they are nowhere to be seen!!!
      That’s because to know a word doesn’t mean that you truly master it.

      The important thing here is:

      In one hand, to keep reading and listening a lot. But you have to do it consciously, analyzing what you read and listen. Enjoy what you do but be critic or curious about things. Don’t just always read and listen like a zombie. Have fun but from time to time, analyze what you read or listen.
      Be aware that to grow your English knowledge is a marathon not a speed race.

      In the other hand, whenever you come across a new word or expression, try to use it in your own sentences (both in writing and in speaking).
      Little by little you are going to integrate them in your English knowledge.
      Be aware that you are not going to master a new word or expression just because you use it only once.

      I know how you feel when you speak and words doesn’t come, but keep working your English wisely and you are going to improve faster than you thing.
      Never give up!

      Thank you very much for your comment!

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