How to improve your English speaking level even when you are alone

Speaking is maybe the most important skill to master when you learn a language but why most people struggle so much to improve their speaking?

When you are not living in an English speaking country it’s not very easy to find opportunities to speak in English and then to improve.Then maybe you have to create this opportunities by yourself…


How to improve your English speaking level even when you are alone


Why Your English Speaking Level Is Not Improving?

I want to tell you one of the BIG mistakes I made for a very long time while learning English: My speaking level didn’t improve because I just didn’t speak in English at all.

If you want to learn to drive a car you just have to drive. You are not going to improve your driving skill just by only watching cars passing by.

Then how do you want to improve your English speaking level if you don’t often give you the opportunity to speak in English?

There is a magic word that can help you a lot to improve your speaking…


Aloud Is The Magic Word To Improve Your Speaking Skill Faster

I bet that sometimes you feel that your mouth and tongue struggle too much when you have to speak in English.

Here is a very easy strategy that is going to help you to improve :

Speak ALOUD as often as possible when you are alone.

  • Whenever you read, do it ALOUD.
  • Whenever you just finish writing something, read it ALOUD.
  • Try to sing songs ALOUD
  • Talk ALOUD while driving, doing the dishes, walking, having a shower…
  • Try to think in English ALOUD instead of in your native language (That is not easy if you have a basic level)

Force yourself to speak ALOUD in English every day and as much as possible.At first you can feel awkward or stupid, but keep doing it and you are going to improve for sure!!!

Seem quite obvious but think about it for a minute…
…are you speaking ALOUD as much as you should?


Speak Aloud As Much As Possible

How to improve your English speaking level even when you are alone_

NOTE: This easy strategy is going to help you to improve but it’s only a supporting strategy.Don’t lose any opportunity you have to speak in English with real people.


-What do you think about this easy strategy?
-Did you try it in the past?
-Are you going to try it?
-Don’t doubt to share with us your own experience.
…All your comments are very welcome!!!

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