A good habit that is going to help to…

There are things that don’t help you at all when learning English.

In one hand, we humans tend to be lazy by nature.
In the other hand we are always busy doing our daily tasks and obligations.
Because of these, among many other things, your English improvement finds a lot of difficulties before you reach a good level.

But luckily there are daily habits that can help you to improve your English faster…

A good habit that is going to help to improve your English


Let’s See If It Rings A Bell…

While doing a daily task, a doubt or idea about English come across your mind. Since you are busy doing something else you don’t take the time to write down your doubt or idea to check it later.
Sometime after you just don’t remember anymore what was your idea or question about.
Then you just lose a great chance to improve your English.

This same situation happening one time after another means losing a lot of good opportunities to learn English.


What Did I Do In Order To Improve My English

The previous situation happened to me a lot of times. I lost good ideas or interesting doubts about English because when they came to my mind, I was busy doing something else and didn’t take the time to write them down.

To stop this situation I started to use a notebook that I kept with me all the time. I wrote down anything that came into my mind and that I would check later when not busy anymore.

Afterwards, at nights, on weekends or just when I had some free time I used to look at my notebook and then I calmly checked all my doubts and ideas and worked them.
Sometime after, I even changed my notebook and pencil for a voice recording app in my cell phone that I still use nowadays.

This strategy can seem trivial to you or just not really necessary. But without using it I can assure you that you are losing a lot of great opportunities to improve your English.


How Can You Help To Improve Your English

I suggest you to give a chance to this strategy for a certain time and then decide by yourself if it’s really useful or not.
I bet that you are going to be surprised about how many opportunities you lost in the past to improve your English.

  • Try to have with you all the time a notebook or a recording device like your cell phone, Mp3 player, tablet…
  • You just have to gather all your doubts, questions and ideas in your notebook or recording device.
  • Then check them whenever you like or are able to:
    • Every night.
    • Once a week.
    • On weekends.
    • Whenever you have some free time.

Important note: Always try to write or record your ideas or doubts clearly and enough extensively. If not when you are going to check them later, it’s going to be impossible to understand what the hell did you write down or record in a rush.


And Remember…

A good habit that is going to help to improve your English_
-Do you usually use a notebook or a voice recorder?
-Are you going to use this strategy?
-All your comments are very welcome!!!

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