The funniest way to learn English

What do you do whenever you have some waiting time ahead of you?
Like when waiting for the bus, for a client, at the doctor’s waiting room…

These moments are maybe not enough to start reading a book. A book that is going to last FOREVER…
But then, how can you still improve your English reading skill?

Let’s look for a king of VERY short English materials in order to improve your reading skills…

The funniest way to learn English


Why Jokes are the funniest way to learn English?

Jokes, apart from being funny, have some special features that make them a very useful material to learn English because:

  • Jokes are micro stories that don’t require a lot of time to be read.
  • You learn a lot about the culture of a language or country through their jokes.
  • Jokes are easy sentences that help you to understand the English grammar (Sentence structures, Tenses…).
  • You are going to learn new vocabulary.
  • You can look for jokes on a specific topic in order to learn vocabulary of a specific field (Medicine, Marketing…).
  • You are going to learn informal English and slang that it’s difficult to find in other kind of English materials.

I’m pretty sure that you agree that jokes are a very useful tool to improve your English

Now, let’s see how to use jokes in order to improve your Listening, Reading, Speaking  and Writing Skills while at the same time LOL (Laughing Out Loud).


Improve Your Reading Skill Through Jokes

Look for books, comics, magazines, websites or any other material about jokes and enjoy them while improving your English reading skill.
As said before jokes are a perfect reading material when you are short of time.

Useful tip…
Take advantage of the fact that jokes are usually short and easy sentences to analyse and understand English grammar.
Look for sentences structures, the use of tenses, new vocabulary, slang…


Improve Your Listening Skill Through Jokes

Apart from having a good time you are going to improve your listening skill.
Be aware that when listening to English jokes it’s not easy to catch everything because of the use of slang, informal English or cultural things that you are not used to.
Always listen twice to a joke that you don’t understand the first time.

Useful tip…
Take advantage of the fact that jokes are small dialogues or even sometimes a single sentence!
It can be  easier to listen to jokes than long audio books or podcasts.


Improve Your Writing Skill Through Jokes

After listening to a joke, try to write down it as if you were doing a dictation.
When writing down a joke, you are going to deal with word spelling, sentence structures, tenses and a lot of other grammatical issues.

Useful tip:
When writing down a joke you can figure out words that you didn’t catch while listening.


Improve Your Speaking Skill Through Jokes

The last stage is telling jokes in order to improve your English speaking skill.

If you are a good actor, you can try to tell English jokes in public. Your friends are going to have a good time while you improve your English speaking skill.

If you are not good at telling jokes and even worst in English, you can still improve your English speaking skill. Just read aloud jokes when you are alone.

Useful tip…
Try to imitate how other people tell jokes. Be aware of pronunciation, accent, intonation…


And Remember…

The funniest way to learn English_

I really recommend working your 4 English basic skills through jokes. But never forget to enjoy them first!!!

– Do you use jokes as a material to improve your English?
– Do you know a good joke that you want to share with us?
All your comments are very welcome!!!

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    […] The funniest way to learn English […]


    It has been shared that giggling has concerning the same perks as cardiovascular exercise, however it comes without the discomfort sometimes experienced with bodily activity.

    1. George

      Thank you Keel for sharing your Jokes’ website with us.

      As you say, apart from being fun, jokes are good for health.
      And furthermore, they are also a good material for those who are learning English.

      Take care!

      1. Arman Galstyan

        Hi Geoorge.I am from Armenia,I want to speak English so good,,I read more interesting facts in English in order to amend my English vocabulary and I stand in problem,how can I learn English words easiest path?

        1. George

          Hi Arman,

          In my opinion you have to…

          1) Totally avoid trying to memorize endless lists of words because doing that you are not going to really improve your vocabulary.

          2) I highly recommend you to:
          – Read a lot (Books, Articles , Newspapers, Comics…)
          – Listen to English materials like (Audiobooks, Podcasts…)
          – Watch (TV shows, Movies…)

          You are not going to increase your English vocabulary overnight. But if you keep listening and reading in English for a long time and in a daily basis, even without noticing it, your English vocabulary is going to increase exponentially.
          Don’t learn isolated words and expressions. Try to learn them inside sentences.
          If you have any other doubt I’m here for you.

          Take care my friend!

          1. Arman Galstyan

            Thanks George,Do you know interesting site where I can listen audiobooks,and download in Mp3 Recorder and listen,listen,listen…formerly thanks…

          2. George

            Hi Arman,

            You can find lots of stuff to listen too. It depends on what you like or need.

            Just look for materials that:
            1) Match your current listening level (not too easy–> boring, not to difficult –> discouraging)
            2) Stuff that you REALLY like

            Some recommendations…
            – You can find free audiobooks (Classics on the public domain)

            – You can look for podcasts about topics or radio shows that you might like.

            – I’m currently listening to stand up comedy (a comedian’s monologue in front of public in a theater). There is a lot of speaking and I laugh a lot. These one is not free.

            The problem today is not that we don’t have good materials to listen too. The real problem is that there is so much stuff in the Internet that is very difficult to find the right one for you.

            Feel free to ask whenever you need some help.
            Take care my friend!!!

  • Aji

    Hi George

    If you know, could you please tell me a web site that we can improve our speaking ability?

    Thank you

    1. George

      Hi Aji,

      There’s a lot of stuff to improve your speaking.

      The question here is to find the right materials for you.
      1) Something that matches your current level.
      2) Something that you like.

      Some days ago I came across and awesome book to improve your speaking skills: “English pronunciation in use” by mark Hancock.
      It’s a very good method but I if you have a very basic level of English it can be too difficult.

      There’s also a good web “” where you can find a lot of common English sentences and dialogues that you can listen and repeat sentence by sentence.

      But don’t forget to listen to lots and lots of materials (TV shows, podcats, news, movies, songs…and…so…on…)

      Thanks for your comment!!!

  • Arman Galstyan

    thanks George)

    1. George

      You’re very welcome Arman!!! 😉

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