Enjoy learning English

Enjoy learning English to improve faster

I always keep telling you that one of the most important things is to enjoy learning English.
“There you go again!”. “Is this that important?”
Yes, that’s indeed a very important thing to keep always in mind!

Enjoy learning English” means “To improve your English faster and easier”.

The first thing you have to do is to avoid boring materials, exasperating English methods that make you run out of patience!
But…What can you do about it?
Let me share with you a personal experience about how I learn English…
Enjoy learning English

Enjoy Learning English

I used to read articles, magazines, newspapers in English in my spare time.
I often came across concepts that were new to me and that I was curious about.
Concepts like Urban legends, Murphy’s laws

At the same time, I was always giving up while trying to improve my English through boring materials (grammar books, English methods, business dialogues…)

I then decided:
It was time to change the way I was trying to learn English.
I would start working my Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing English skills through a topic I was really interested about.
I then chose a very specific topic that I was curious about, as my way to improve English.


How Urban Legends Helped Me To Improve My English

Urban Legends being my interest, I then follow the next strategy:
I started reading articles on the internet about urban legends.
I started listening to podcasts and watching videos about urban legends.
I found other Urban legends fans and wrote them in order to share our common interest.
I even made many good friends and started speaking to them through Skype.

Without any effort and while having fun, I was improving my English!
That was awesome!!!
Working my English while having a great time!


Find Your Own Topic And Follow My Lead

I want to encourage you to do the same.
Choose a topic that you are really interested about and go ahead!

Enjoy your topic as a leisure activity.
Not as if you were studying English.

Let’s go! It’s time for you to choose your topic and enjoy learning English!!!

Share with us the topic you want to improve your English through
What are your interests?
How are you using English in your free time?
All your comments are very welcome!!!


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  • Hamid Mahmood

    I am intrigued about Astronomy.

    1. George

      Hi again Hamid!

      If you’d like to learn more about astronomy, there’s plenty of stuff in the Internet about this.
      I’ve been checking and there are some Moocs both in EDX and FutureLearn.
      You can also find videos, articles, forums and other people who also like to talk about Astronomy…

      Go ahead Hamid and tell us later about your progress.
      I wish you the best!!!

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