My English exam preparation – March

This is the third post of a series where I’m sharing with you how I’m preparing, month after month, for an English exam (CAE).

Let’s see in detail what I did during March and what I’m going to do in April…

My English exam preparation-March


My English Exam Preparation In March

How did I work my English during the third month of the year?

1. Speaking skill…
I finished looking for and gathering the basics rules I have to work in order to improve my English speaking level.
This is a brief summary of the 10 basic rules or “Ingredients“ I have to master if I want to improve your English speaking skill.

  1. Pronounce the different sounds that produce the 5 vowels and 21 consonants.
  2. Stress the right syllable in words.
  3. Stress the right words in sentences.
  4. Use the different intonation patterns correctly.
  5. Cut long sentences into smaller “thought groups” when you speak.
  6. Use connected speech.
  7. Use reduced speech.
  8. Use the SCHWA sound.
  9. Use contractions.
  10. Never drop word endings and pronounce them correctly

You can find more information on my post… How to speak perfect English.

Once I know everything I have to work in order to improve my speaking, it’s time to start to work more specifically on every “ingredient”.

2. Learning Phrasal verbs…
After starting to work on phrasal verbs, I think that memorizing endless lists of phrasal verbs is not the best option.
Instead of, I’m using a strategy that’s going to help me to internalize and use naturally phrasal verbs.
I write a sentence with a new phrasal verb every day. I also write another sentence with all the phrasal verbs I learned during the previous days.
You can find more information on my post…The most effective strategy to learn phrasal verbs.

3. Learning Idioms…
I only could gather some of the basic idioms with samples. At first, I’m going to start reading them and lately I’m going to look for a way to internalize them like I’m currently doing with phrasal verbs.

4. Gathering specific information about the exam…
I didn’t have enough time to look for more specific information about the exam. I’m going to leave this task for the next months.
I didn’t fulfill this task but as I’m working hard every day I don’t see it as a failure.

5. Informal work…
I’m keep doing a lot of informal English work every day. I try to add as much informal work as possible in my daily live.

All this informal work is helping me to improve my English level even without noticing it.


What I’m Going To Do In April

1. Speaking skill…
I’m going to work very specifically on every one of the 10 basic ingredients of the English speaking skill.

2. Shadowing technique…
I’m going to work every day on the Shadowing technique with the more suitable material for my current level.

I’m going to try to do it daily even if it’s only for 5 minutes. The most important is to work it every day no matter for how many time.

2. Recording my voice while speaking in English…
I’m also going to start recording myself while using the shadowing technique. To record my voice is something that I had avoided unconsciously for a long time because I don’t like to hear myself talking in English because of my bad English level. Let see how it works…

3. Keep learning Phrasal verbs and Idioms…
I’ll keep learning Phrasal verbs. I’m currently doing it for 30 days in a row. I’ll tell you about how it works for me at day 30.
I’m also going to start reading Idioms to see how I can learn them.

That’s all for March. More about my improvement in the next post of the series…


And Remember…

my English exam preparation march_

– If you are currently preparing for an exam…
– If you want to take an exam in the future…
… All your comments are very welcome!!!

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