My English exam preparation – February

This is the second post of a series where I’m sharing with you how I’m preparing, month after month, for an English exam (CAE).

Let’s see in detail what I did during February and what I’m going to do during March…

My English exam preparation-February


My English Exam Preparation In February

How did I work my English during the second month of the year?

1. Speaking skill…
I feel that I’m really doing a step ahead. I’m starting to understand how English speaking works. My speaking level is still quite the same but now I feel that I really understand the basic rules of speaking English. My personal decision was to concentrate on the American Accent.

I’m now aware and understand how works:

  • Syllable stress in words
  • Word stress in sentences
  • Intonation (Fall and Rising intonations)
  • Contractions
  • Liaisons / Linking
  • Though groups
  • Consonants sounds
  • Vowels sounds (These are pretty difficult)

As I already told you it’s easy to understand and to fell this concepts but it’s not that easy to apply them to my own speaking.

2. Writing skill…
I’m still working my writing skill. Now I’m just checking basic writing rules. Once I’ll have the basics I’ll start to prepare for specific work that will be asked in the exam.

3. Informal work…
As I already told you in my January report I keep doing informal work. I keep reading the news in English and I listen to English materials whenever doing my household chores… I have introduced English passive learning in my daily life. I maybe don’t have time to sit on my cough and comfortably read or listen to English stuff but I can read and listen to English materials while doing my daily tasks.


Achievements And Failures While Improving My English

1. Tenacity…
I’m keep working my English seven days a week, no matter what.
I’m happy about this fact because is not an easy task to work my English everyday even if it’s only for 30 minutes, depending on my free time.

2. Studying general English instead of focusing in the exam…
I’m currently learning general English instead of focusing on working for the exam. I think it’s not a bad strategy because I do need to improve my English level. Although in future months I’ll have to concentrate and focus in my training for the exam. I’ll do specific tasks as the ones I’ll find in the exam.

3. Improve all English skills…
I have to always keep in mind that I have to work all skills and share the few time I have between my ListeningReadingSpeaking and Writing skills. Now that I’m concentrating on my speaking I don’t have to forget the others skills because time flies and I have to make the most of the little free time I have. It’s easy to fall into the trap of working a skill you enjoy and just forget the other ones.

4. Being very critical about the materials I use…
I have to be very selective with the materials I work with. If something works for me I keep working with it until I fell I’m done. Whenever I feel that a material is not helping me anymore I leave it as soon as possible.

5. Being demanding about how I’m working my English…
I also have to be very self critical. I have to always check if what I’m currently working is helping me, if it doesn’t work for me I have to give up and go for another strategy. I have to be very demanding on how I’m working and the results I get. I have to change my strategy as much as needed to always be on the right path.
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What I’m Going To Do In March

1. Speaking skill…
I want to keep working for another month this skill because I feel that I’m starting to achieve the basics of English speaking. I want to secure the basic pillars of my English speaking skill. I’ll also try a technique called “Shadowing” in order to improve my accent. I’ll share with you my opinion in my next report.

2. Writing skill…
I’m going to work for another month the basics rules of English writing. Afterwards I’ll start to work specific things like the ones I’ll find in the exam.

3. Starting to learn Phrasal verbs and Idioms…
I will start to learn from 3 to 5 Phrasal verbs and Idioms every day. I will try to memorize them and write sentences using them in order to increase my vocabulary and English knowledge. In the CAE Exam there is a paper (part) about the Use of English where you need to show a good knowledge of phrasal verbs and idioms. Furthermore, In the others parts of the exam I’ll have to show a good English level and Phrasal verbs and Idioms are an important part of the English language.

4. Gathering specific information about the exam…
In January I gathered some very basic information about the CAE exam. During March I’ll make a deeper research about the exam characteristics.


That’s all for February. More about my improvement in the next post…


And Remember…

My English exam preparation-February_

– If you are currently preparing for an exam…
– If you want to take an exam in the future…
… All your comments are very welcome!!!

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