Why your English writing skill don’t improve in spite…

I really made a step forward on my writing level when I finally learned how to use correctly the spellchecker on my word processor.

When writing in English on my computer I used to write while at the same time the spellchecker corrected my spelling and grammatical errors. My mistakes where corrected while writing without any thinking from my part. As a result there was no improving on my writing skill.

Most of the people work like this. It’s easy and allows you to go faster when writing something. But in the other hand it doesn’t help and even damage your English writing skill progression.

Then…a big change has to be made…

What Do You Have To Do To Improve Your Writing Skill?

Every time you have to write something (personal /job…) you can use this opportunity to work and improve your English writing skill.
From now on whenever you open your word processor, you always have to:

  1. Switch your spellchecker OFF
  2. Write
  3. When you finish writing, try to check and correct as many errors (spelling or grammatical) as possible by yourself.
  4. Switch your spellchecker ON
  5. Look for the errors you didn’t find on your own (and your spellchecker did) and correct them.

At first it’s going to take more time but as a reward you are going to improve your writing skill.

You really don’t want to write your emails fifty-fifty with your spellchecker.
You want to write your emails 90% on your own then at the end your spellchecker helps you with the 10% left, warning you about the errors you didn’t find.


And Remember…

Why you don’t improve your English writing skill in spite of writing a lot_

-How do you use your spellchecker when writing?
-Are you going to use this method?
-Is it helping to improve your writing skill?
…All your comments are very welcome!!!

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  • Sandy Howell

    I spotted your error immediately in this graphic and in your text directions,

    “didn’t” and “found” are past tense, and incorrectly used together. The better expression is “haven’t found” since you are still working on finding the errors, although “didn’t find” is also acceptable.

    It doesn’t appear intentional since everything else is accurate. I re-posted this to my site to share “Laern Englihs Lik Mee”, which is fun. I found the graphic when I Googled “writing skills images”. Thanks~

    1. George

      Thank you very much Sandy for taking your time to correct me.

      You are very right. It’s “didn’t find” instead of “didn’t found”.
      It’s difficult to make no mistakes at all!!
      I always learn when someone (like you) helps me to be aware of my errors.

      Thanks again!!!

      For those of you who can make the same mistake…
      Because of the fact that “did” shows that you are already using the past tense, you don’t need to use it twice in the next verb “find”.
      Another example of that rule…
      “He plays” but “He doesn’t play”. In the second sentence you omit the “s” in “play” because “does” already shows that you are talking about the third person.

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