How to really improve your English by choosing the…

You know that you need to read a lot to learn and improve your English. Reading helps you to learn vocabulary, and even better, not only single words but words in the context of sentences.
Moreover, when you read you are learning grammar without even noticing it.
But I guess that sometimes you have a problem…


Why Aren’t You Finishing The Books You Start Reading?

How to really improve your English by choosing the right books to read

Why do you think reading in English is boring or maybe too difficult for you?

This situation is very common among the English learners like us. The problem is that you don’t pick up the right book for you.

Here I share with you a basic strategy that is going to help you.


How To Choose The Right Book For You And Finish It?

Before choosing a new book to read, you have to answer 3 questions and make 1 commitment:







Let’s see all this in detail:

1) What book level?

You have to be always aware of your current reading level. The book you choose has to be a little more difficult than your current level

A too difficult book means discouraging, not fun and going right ahead to failure.

A too easy book means that you are not going to improve as much as possible. You are not challenging yourself in the right way.

2) What book length?

You always have to ask yourself: How much time do I really have to read?

For example if you have a long vacation before you, you can maybe pick up a long book that is going to last for the whole holydays. You maybe have many free hours per day to read.

In the other hand, if because of your work, studies or family obligations  you don’t have much time to read, I recommend Short Stories, comics  or just articles because a long book is going to last for years and I bet that you are going to give up for sure.

Before choosing a new book you have to be able to visualize when you are going to finish it. If the answer to the question “When am I going to finish the book” is “I don’t know” then is not the right book for you, at least for now.

3) What  book topic?

Choose a topic that you really like or that has something to do with your job, hobbies…

If you have a basic level then avoid too much specialized books that required a more advanced level.

4) Your personal commitment

Here, you have to write down:

-How many pages are you going to read per day? (Approximately)

-When are you going to finish the book? (An exact date)

Then you have to commit to the number of pages and the date you write down.

Thanks to that you are going to motivate yourself. You can also check if you are fulfilling your commitment. Then you can be reassured that you are really following the right path to improve your English faster.


I Share With You How I Choose A Book

Here I show you a real example from one of the books that I read some time ago:

I asked myself the three basic questions…

What Level? I have a good reading level.
What length? I have a whole month vacation ahead and a lot of free time to read.
What topic? I like very much historical fiction novels.


I decided to pick up the book “The Pillars of the Earth” by “Ken Follett
Genre: Historical Fiction
Length: 1.075 pages long
Level:  For fluent readers


And I made a commitment…

My personal commitment I have to finish my book before the end of my vacations.The book is 1.075 pages long and I’m going to have 31 days to read it.If we do the math, I have to read 35 pages every day!


At the end the consequences of my effort…

The result At the end I didn’t finish the book during my holiday. I only read the book until page 984. I was able to finish the 91 pages left in the next two weeks when I was back to work!!!
I almost fulfill my commitment what I think is positive.



Every Time You Choose A New Book To Read Remember That…

How to really improve your English by choosing the right books to read_
-What do you thing about?
-What’s your strategy when choosing a book?
-Do you usually finish the books you start reading?
-What book are you currently reading or did you read in the past?
…All your comments are very welcome!!!

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