The first question to ask before starting to learn…

I bet that sometimes you feel like you are not learning English as much as you want.
Or maybe you are working a lot but feel that your English level is not improving a lot.
I felt like this many times in the past until I STOP and ask me this very simple question…

Why Do You Want To Improve Your English?

The first question to ask before starting to learn English

If you know the answer or answers to this easy question, you are going to improve faster because…

  • You can adapt your learning strategy to your own needs.
  • You are going to work through stuff that you really like.
  • You are going to fuel your motivation.

Think about all this for a moment and then write down your personal reasons to learn and improve your English. Your answers are very important.


As An Example I Show You My Own Answers…

On day, after being bored to work my English with any direction at all, going from one method to another I stopped and asked me:

Why do I really want to improve my English?

Here are my answers…

  • Because I like how English sounds.
  • Because I like Pop-Rock music and English is the language of  the best songs.
  • Because most of the best materials you can find on the Internet are in English.
  • Because I like TV Shows and I like to watch them in their original version.
  • Because I want to find a better job in the future and to master English is a must.
  • Because I like to meet people from abroad and English is the international language.

Being conscious of the reasons that moved me to learn English in the first place is helping me to:

  • Be more motivated.
  • Know how I have to work my English.
  • Work my English in a more pleasant way.

Instead of working my English with books, methods or exercises about topics that I don’t like at all, I prefer to work my English through stuff or topics that I really like.


How to use your answers and adapt them to your English learning strategy

Here I show you some examples on how to transform what you like and what you need into a good and pleasant strategy…

I want to improve my English because I like English songs then…

  • I learn and memorize songs.
  • I sing songs.
  • I chat with people who like the same artists/bands.
  • I read about my favorite bands or artists.
  • I write and share in forums and groups about my favorites bands.

I want to improve my English because I look for a better job then…

  • I read materials about my work camp.
  • I improve my training /education through English materials/schools/courses…

I want to improve my English because I like some topics that are only available in English in the internet then…

  • I search and read about my favorite topics in English.
  • I write about my favorite topics in forums, groups.
  • I chat with people with whom we share the same interests.

I want to improve my English because I’m looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend from abroad then…

  • I chat with people.
  • I look for new friends and email them.

Following these examples (among many others) you are going to learn and improve your English in a way that motivates you.


And Remember…

The first question to ask before starting to learn English_

In future posts I’m going to give you more tips on how to create your English learning personal strategy.
A strategy based on your own needs and likes is going to help you to improve in an easier, faster and more motivating way.
-What do you think about this simple strategy?
-Share with us your own answers.
-Are you going to change your strategy?
…All your comments are very welcome!!!

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