The best tool to improve your English writing skill

For us, English learner, it’s often difficult to improve our English writing level because we don’t write on a regular basis.
It’s difficult to write regularly when you don’t have the obligation to do so because , for example, of your job.

In one hand, it’s easy to improve your writing skill when you have to write in English every day.

In the other hand, when writing is not among your daily chores, I bet that you don’t write very often and when trying to write something you fight a lot because you don’t even know what to write about .
That’s the reason that you tend to “forget” to work the writing skill.

Let’s see what you have to do in order to change this situation…

The best tool to improve your English writing skill


Why Is So Hard To Improve Your English Writing Skill?

Many times in the past I decided that it was time for me to write in English everyday because I wanted to improve my writing skill.
The problem was that after writing for some days in a row, I always gave up because I didn’t know what to write about anymore.

One day talking to a good friend of mine, she told me that she had been writing her own diary since she was a child, for more than 12 years!!!!
Then came to me the revelation!!!

I decided to start writing my personal diary but just in English (instead of my native tongue) in order to really improve my English writing level.


Write Your Diary To Improve Your English Writing Skill

Writing a personal diary is one of the best options if you want to really improve your English writing skill.

The advantages are:

  1. You write an entry EVERYDAY (7 days a week without excuses).
  2. You can write more or less depending of your free time, inspiration or mood.
  3. You can write about anything you like (Daily experiences, thoughts…).
  4. While writing your diary your are also keeping a record of the work done.
  5. You can check your progression looking back at what you wrote in the past.
  6. If one day you don’t know what to write about, just write about what you did during the day (Because you always do something, don’t you?).

It’s easy to create the habit to write when you keep a personal diary.
Try to write at the same time everyday. For example…

  • Just before going to sleep.
  • Just after waking up.
  • During your lunch time.
  • While in the bus.
  • …among many others…


What Kind Of Diary To Choose?

In my personal opinion I prefer to write through a keyboard than with a pen, and then I prefer a digital diary than a paper diary.
But it really don’t mind at all what kind of diary you are going to use.
There is beautiful paper journals for those who like to write in the old style.
Or very useful digital diaries with a lot of fancy features for those that are more on the technology side.
Just take the one that fits you best.


And Remember…

The best tool to improve your English writing skill_

– Are you going to use this tactic in order to improve your writing level?
– What else do you usually do to work your writing skill?
– All your comments are very welcome !!!

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  • ALI

    Hello sir.How are you i hope your life will going well.sir i want to just ask about writing .i will write everyday but tell how i can get difficult vocabulary i mean how i gain .i wrote many essay but in simple word ,but i didn’t wrote beautiful word new word,i hope i will get my answer as soon as possible..thanks you sir and sorry for my bad English

    1. George

      Hi Ali!

      Don’t apologize for your English because we are all English learners!!!

      If you want to improve your vocabulary I recommend you to read a lot!
      You have to read EVERY day. Seven days a week.

      Try to read:
      •Short stories
      Among many others…

      As you keep reading you are going to internalize a lot of new vocabulary.
      Try to be aware not just about words alone but about sentences.
      Try to read about topics or things that you really like.

      Remember that is not a speed race but a marathon.
      I promise you that if reading in English becomes an habit for you, your English vocabulary is going to improve a lot and then your writing level too!

      Take care my friend!!!

  • jp

    Hello, you say to read and that reading will improve our vocabulary and writing. What do you advice us to do when reading? I have a notebook in which I write the new words I come across with their definition in English.

    1. George

      Hi JP!

      When reading I recommend you to…

      1) Only read books that you REALLY like.

      2) Read books that challenge your current English reading level (Not too easy but not too difficult too) a little above your current level would be perfect.

      3) I don’t recommend writing down a list of all the vocabulary you didn’t know. My advice is to check the dictionary only when you really need to know what a word means in order to keep following the plot of the book.
      I also kept a list of words but it slowed down my reading too much and at the end I felt that I didn’t memorize the words on my list.

      4) Enjoy your reading but every now and then try to stop and analyze what tenses are used and why. Try also to catch English expressions (and not single words) that you can add to your English knowledge, try to find English common structures (ex: I like NEITHER wine NOR beer…)

      5) Read long books, short stories, articles, magazines, interviews…

      I hope I’m helping you.

      Thank you very much for your comment!!!

  • Sachin Rajput

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your guidance.
    I have a query. My writing skills is not good. I write daily for improvements but problem is that nobody is there for make me correct. So how i will come to know that my writing is right or wrong.

    1. George

      Hi Sachin!

      You are talking about a very common problem among English learners. Like you, I also feel that there is nobody around me to correct my mistakes.

      Let me share with you some tips:

      Whenever you write in your computer always follow these 5 steps:
      1) Spell checker off
      2) Write your text
      3) Reread your text and try to find as many mistakes as possible (grammar, spelling…)
      4) Spell checker on
      5) Check the mistakes you didn’t see on your own.

      Whenever you have a doubt about how to write a given sentence, try to check the Internet or a grammar book to have some feedback.
      If you have an English friend or know an advanced English learner, ask him/her to correct your writing.

      Read a LOT and analyze why a sentence is written like “that” and not like “this”. Think about how you write thas same sentences to see where are you making mistakes..

      By the way, let me improve a little how you write your comment:

      Dear Sir,
      Thanks for your guidance.
      I have a (doubt/ question). My writing skill is not good. I write daily to improve it but the problem is that nobody is there to correct me. So how will I come to know if my writing is right or wrong?

      (Of course, we can write it even better)

      Thanks very much for your comment!!!

  • Donald

    Nice blog post. I totally agree with you. I’m a native english speaker though, but I remembered how much journals helped me when I was younger. I hope you don’t mind me mentioning this blog post at my blog. I think it’s a great help for people! 🙂

    1. George

      Hi Donald!

      I don’t mind at all you mentioning my post in your blog. Just quite the contrary. It flatters me!
      By the way…Let me congratulate you for your blog.
      Thank you very much for your comment!

      To your success with languages!

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