Accent tag videos

Accent tag videos to improve your speaking

While trying to improve my English accent I came across a very useful resource that you can also benefit from.
I want to introduce you to the Accent tag videos
Accent tag videos

What Are The Accent Tag Videos?

The “Accent tag” is a way to group videos where English speakers show how their accents sound.

In these videos, English speakers show how their English accent is by:
Reading a list of given words.
Answering to some given questions.
Reading a passage of a book.
Talking about anything they like.

The accent tag videos are indeed a very useful resource. Plenty of different English accents ready for you to be checked out!


Where To Find Accent Tag Videos?

Here are some links to Accent tag videos:
Accent Tag: British accent
Accent Tag: American accent
Accent Tag: Australian accent
Accent Tag: New Zeland accent

You can find more videos like these looking up at “Accent tag videos” on:


Why Are Accent Tag Videos So Valuable?

This kind of videos are a tailor made resource if you want to improve:

Your Listening skill:
Because they are going to help you to train your ear to different English accents.

Your Speaking skill:
Because they are a very good resource in order to find your specific English accent reference.Read more about that in my post: How to improve your English accent faster.

Now, is time for you to check out all these videos!

Which English accent do you like best?
Which one you don’t like at all?
Would you like to recommend us any other good Accent tag videos?
All your comments are very welcome!!!


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