1) Who I’m?

Hi! My name is George and I’m an English learner just like you.
I Learned some English in school and as a university student; I realized that English was really a must!
But to my horror…

  1. I was unable to speak to or understand English speakers.
  2. I couldn’t write an easy sentence with no mistakes.
  3. I could only read very basic English.

Then it’s when I started to think about the most eficient way to improve my English by myself.

After some time learning English on my own I truly believe that it’s possible to:

  • Achieve a good English level faster than you think.
  • Enjoy while studying English.
  • Improve your English even if you have very little free time.

2) What Is This Blog For?

Through this blog I want to share with you all that I’ve been learning while improving my English.
I’m going to give you the best tools to overcome the difficulties and to make the most of your English learning process.

3) What Am I Going To Give You?

  • Motivation
  • Help
  • Guidance
  • Advice
  • Support

4) What Are You Going To Find Here?

  • Tactics & Strategies
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Tools
  • Blueprints
  • Ideas

5) What You Are Not Going To Find Here?

  • A common English teacher (because I’m not a teacher at all).
  • Endless lists of English vocabulary.
  • False promises that you can learn a language without any effort.
  • Boring grammar rules and exercises.
  • The “Learn English in 24 hours magic guide”.

I really hope that you’re going to enjoy your English learning adventure as much as I do!!!

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