The 8 basic pillars of your English exam success

If you are studying for an English exam, I highly recommend you to check the next 8 key points to assure your English exam success.

If you know these 8 basic pillars and you think about them before taking your exam, you are going to…

  • Feel more confident.
  • Make sure that you only focus on your exam.
  • Avoid mistakes or misunderstandings at the last minute.

The 8 basic pillars of your English exam success

Let’s see what you have to know about the exam you are going to take…

1. What Are The Basic Rules?

If you know the exam basic rules beforehand, the moment you enter the exam room you are going to:

  • Avoid breaking any rule that can penalize you.
  • Be aware of what you can or can’t do.
  • Don’t lose precious time asking about basic questions or doubts.


2. What Materials Do You Need?

In order to make the most of your exam and at the same time to follow the rules, you have to know beforehand:

  1. What you do have to take with you in the exam room.
  2. What isn’t allowed to bring in the exam room.

As an example:

  • Can you use a paper dictionary during the exam?
  • Can you use any digital device?
  • Are you allowed to use white-out?


3. What Are The Most Common Errors?

It’s a good idea to also check the most common mistakes that students usually make in the exam you are going to take.

If you are aware of these usual errors, you are more likely going to avoid them.

Examples of common mistakes:

  • You write the answers on a draft and at the last minute completely forget to transcribe them in the exam paper you deliver to the examiner.
  • You left blank answers although there is no penalization for mistakes.


4. Do You Know In Detail Every Part Of The Exam?

You need to know in how many parts the exam is divided.
You also have to know exactly what tasks are you going to face in every one of these parts.


5. How Much Available Time Do You Have To Finish Every Task?

For every task you need to know exactly how much time you have to accomplish it.
Apart from knowing these timings, before the exam you also need to simulate every task more than once in order to be sure that you are at ease with the timings.

Be aware that a lot of people fail in exams not because they don’t have the required level, but because they weren’t able to achieve the tasks in the right timings.


6. What They Really Expect From You?

You have to be smart and know beforehand what they really expect of you.

When you are asked to write a text of 500 words, the examiners don’t only look for a 500 long words text with no basic grammatical or spelling mistakes.
They are also looking for a text that shows that you master the English language by using correctly:

  • Text structures
  • Well build sentences
  • Appropriate English tenses
  • A variety of vocabulary
  • Phrasal verbs and idioms
  • Synonyms
  • …among many others…

By that I mean that you have to really show your level to your examiners.


7. Forget About Stress

While it’s very common to feel really stressed when taking an exam, stress is always your worst companion.
Once you start your exam, apart from giving the best of yourself,  just forget about negative thinkings like…

  • Did I work enough for the exam?
  • Is my current English level enough to pass the exam?
  • Am I going to fail?

You have to think that once the exam start there’s nothing more to complaint or worry about.

Just think that you have nothing to lose and a lot to win –> An English certificate.


8. Beat Up Your Shyness

Don’t let your shyness mask your real English level. Specifically in the speaking part of any English exam, you have to show the best of your English level and shyness is your worst enemy.
You have to think that the instructors are here to evaluate your English level and not you. Then let your shyness at home.
Think that examiners sympathize with you because they know and value all the hard work that represents to take an exam.

 Now you can feel more confident about your English exam success!!!


And Remember…

The 8 basic pillars of your English exam success_
– What exam are you going to take?
– What other things do you think are important to check before the exam?
…All your comments are very welcome!!!

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