The 7 principle qualities of the perfect English learner

Everybody can learn a new language.
It doesn’t matter if you are super intelligent or not.
It also doesn’t matter if you are good at learning languages or not.
There is no mystery or magic trick while learning English.

But… There are some personal characteristics that can help you to be a perfect English learner.

You maybe already have some of these 7 qualities. If not, no problem. It’s never too late for you to change things and be better at learning English.


What Qualities Make A Perfect English Learner?

The 7 principle qualities of the perfect English learner

1. The Perfect English Learner Is Hard-working

To learn a language is not an easy task. You aren’t going to improve your English overnight.
If you want to reach a good level of English you just have to work. There is no English improvement without effort. To be hard-working instead of a lazy dude is always a must.


2. The Perfect English Learner Is Self-critical

When working your English you always have to be critical about what you do.
You have to evaluate if what you are doing is the best for your English improvement.
You also have to change or reorient your strategy whenever needed; it’s a step ahead towards your English success.

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3. The Perfect English Learner Is Tenacious

To learn English is like a marathon. If you keep working for enough time without giving up or stopping for long periods, you are going to reach a good level of English sooner than you think. It’s impossible not to learn English if you work on a regular basis.


4. The Perfect English Learner Is Self-demanding

You always have to ask yourself for more if you want to succeed.
Don’t swim on a pool of false self-satisfaction that is going to bring you to nowhere.
Work as much as your daily duties allow you. Ask yourself for results.


5. The Perfect English Learner Knows What She/He Wants

You have to always be sure of what you really want and need. If you are always hesitating about what to do, then you are wasting your precious time.
You need to have clear goals:
-Why do you want to learn English?
-Why do you need the English language for?

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6. The Perfect English Learner Is Self-sufficient

Don’t depend on someone else (such as a teacher) to tell you what to do in order to improve your English,
Of course, you can have an English teacher, but ONLY as an advisor.
You have to be your ship’s captain. Don’t wait for your one hour weekly class to be told what to do next.
Take the initiative. Take action on your own in order to improve your English. Your teacher, if you have one, will be proud of your progress!!!

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7. The Perfect English Learner Is Always Motivated

To be motivated is the key to your success. When you are motivated all is easier:
-You enjoy while learning English.
-Time goes by fast.
When motivated you always fell that you want to do more and more…
This kind of positive mindset helps you to reach your goals sooner and easier.


And Remember…

The 7 principle qualities of the perfect English learner_
-Are you a perfect English learner?
-Which ones of those qualities do you have?
-Which one of those qualities do you lack?
-Which is for you the most important of those qualities?
-All your comments are very welcome!!!

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