30 days in a row learning phrasal verbs –…

30 Days In A Row Learning Phrasal Verbs - Second Part
I also want to share with you a very brief summary of the 30 phrasal verbs I worked with during 30 days in a row.

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How I Worked With Phrasal Verbs…

I chose these 30 phrasal verbs at random:

Day Phrasal Verb Meanings
1 Blow up – Explode
– Inflate
– Lose your temper, become angry
2 Bring up – Mention
– Raise a child
3 Run out – Have none left
– Exit rapidly
4 Call off – Cancel
5 Find out – Discover / learn
6 Give back – Return something that someone has borrowed or lost
7 Give away – Give something without asking for anything in exchange
8 Make up – Invent a story
9 Put away – Return to the proper place of storage
– Save
10 Hang up – End a phone call
– Suspend clothes on a hanger
11 Throw away – Discard something when no longer needed
12 Look after – Take care of a child, a house, a pet…
13 Read over – Review / Look through
14 Get over – Recover from a cold, a disease, an ex-boyfriend / ex-girlfriend…
– Solve / Find a solution
15 Take off – When a plane or rocket leaves the ground
– Remove clothing
16 Come back – Return
17 Calm down – Stop being angry or emotionally excited
18 Point out – Make someone aware of something
– Draw attention to
19 Shut up – Stop talking or making noise
20 Turn down – Reduce volume, temperature…
– Reject an offer, invitation, application…
21 Put on – Get fat
– Start wearing a cloth
22 Keep away – Don’t allow someone near something
– Prevent access to, hold back
23 Write down – Transcribe / Put in writing
24 Look out – Be careful, pay attention, head a certain danger
25 Try on – Put on to make sure a piece of clothing fits
26 Turn away – Avert one’s gaze
27 Go out – Take part in social activities (usually at night)
– Leave a place
28 Pass out – Faint, lose consciousness
29 Set up – Establish, found
– Assemble
30 Grow up – Become adult / Mature

As you can see I didn’t work with all the different meanings that every phrasal verb have.

I think that the most important is:

  •  To internalize as many phrasal verbs as possible. (The most common ones first)
  •  For every phrasal verb to know some of its different meanings.

That being said, you don’t have to stress if you don’t know a lot of phrasal verbs.
Don’t worry, you just have to keep working on phrasal verbs one day after another.
It’s an accumulative process and if you keep learning them you are going to improve sooner than you think.


About Making Mistakes…

If you followed my progression while learning phrasal verbs, you could see that I made some mistakes.
It’s ok to make mistakes. You are going to correct some of them afterwards by yourself or because someone tells you.

Some examples of the mistakes I made…

  1. As I always write quickly I wrote in some occasions “Call of” instead of “Call off”. It’s a mistake that I’m not going to make again.
  2. I also wrongly used the phrasal verb “Hand up” instead of just the verb “Hang“.   “In the past they used to hang up thieves.” –> “In the past they used to hang thieves.”

I hope that these different posts about phrasal verbs are going to inspire you and motivate you to learn them because they are very common when speaking or writing (informal).


And Remember…

30 Days In A Row Learning Phrasal Verbs - Second Part_

– Are you going to work your phrasal verbs like me?
– Do you use a different strategy?
…All your comments are very welcome!!!

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  • Tushar Patil

    OMG..its really awesome. This is one of the best technique to enhance vocabulary.
    Thank you very much sir…

    1. George

      You are very welcome Tushar!
      I appreciate very much your comment.

      Keep working and if you need any help I’m here for you.

      Take care!!!

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