10 things that don’t help you to improve your…

There are some facts that can be harmful when you are trying to learn and improve your English. Be aware of them and try to always avoid them as much as possible…


10 things that are not helping you to improve your English

1. You Don’t Know Why You Want To Learn English

It’s basic to know the answer to that question:
Why do you want to improve your English?

If you can answer this question then you can work your English in the best direction. You have to fulfill the reasons that move you to work your English in the first place.

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2. You Don’t Have A Goal

Everyone has a different goal to learn and improve English. If you work your English in the direction to reach your goal, it’s going to be easier, faster and more motivating for you.

Before starting to learn English you need to have your goal in mind:

  • Are you going to learn English to find a better job?
  • Do you want to improve your English because you like to travel abroad?
  • Are you looking for news friends around the world?

Having a clear goal is going to help you to improve your English in the right direction and to keep always motivated.


3. You Don’t Follow A Personal Strategy

Everyone is different and everyone has different needs. You have to build and follow a personal strategy to be sure that you are working your English in the best direction to reach your personal goal.
Don’t work your English the same way that someone who have nothing in common with you.


4. You Don’t Plan Your Work

If you want to really improve your English you have to plan beforehand the work you are going to do. Don’t work your English with any direction. Use your precious time wisely. If you plan correctly your work you are going to improve faster.

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5. You Don’t Check Your Progression

It’s very important to check your progression every now and then:

  • Is the work that you are currently doing really helping to improve your English?
  • What do you need to change in your personal strategy to boost your English Improvement?


6. You Are Not Aware Of Your Current English Level

You have to check and be always aware of your English level.

  • What is your current ListeningReadingSpeakingWriting level?
  • Which skills are improving and which ones aren’t?
  • Which skills do you have to prioritize?

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7. You Avoid What You Don’t Like To Do

We humans tend to avoid the tasks that we don’t like to do. This natural behavior is doing a lot of damage to your English improvement.

if you don’t like to write, you are going to avoid any opportunity you have to work your writing skill. Be aware that if you want to really improve your English, you have to work all the four basic skill (Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing).

As a personal example
For me it was easier to read a book in English than to find an English friend to talk to. Because of that I worked a lot my reading skill and almost forgot to work my speaking skill.
Don’t avoid anything. You have to work the four skills and even prioritize your weakest ones.


8. You Don’t Work On A Regular Basis

You have to work every day. It’s better to work for only 30 minutes seven days a week than 8 hours in a row only on Saturdays.

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9. You Are Shy

Don’t let your shyness stop your English improvement. You lose a lot of opportunities to improve your English because of your shyness. Don’t find excuses.

  • Use the English language whenever you have the opportunity. It doesn’t matter if you have a basic level.
  • Look for an English conversation group.
  • Find a native English friend in your city.
  • Go to events where English is the language used.

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10. You Only Like To Work On What You Are Good At

We prefer to keep doing things that we are good because we enjoy while doing them.

For example…
If you are a very good basketball player but always loose when you play chess I bet that you are always going to prefer to play a basketball game than a chess game.

It’s the same for your English…
If it’s easy for you to read English books and in the other hand your speaking level is really bad, then why do you keep reading books and more books when what you really need to do is to speak and speak in English?
Remember that I always recommend you to prioritize and work on your weaknesses in the first place!


And Remember…

10 things that are not helping you to improve your English_

-Doesn’t that ring a bell?
-Are you going to change something on how you work your English?
…All your comments are very welcome!!!

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  • George

    I want to thank you very much @ahmadrohmatull3 for telling me about a grammatical mistake I made in this post.

    Instead of writing “You don’t know why do you want to learn English” we have to write “You don’t know why you want to learn English” because it’s an indirect question.

    We get rid of the “DO” that we actually use in direct questions (Why do you want to learn English?)

    Thank you my friend!

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